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Gwendolyn Clawthorne is Eda and Lilith's mother in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House.


Gwendolyn loves and cares for her daughters, but all her life she devoted all her attention to Eda, especially after she became cursed. So devoted that she neglected her eldest daughter, Lilith, who effortlessly tried to win her attention. She didn’t even realize that Lilith was cursed as well now, as pointed out by King, realizing just how little she actually paid attention to Lilith even though she was affectionate towards her. She loves her daughters so much she is willing to go to great lengths and sacrifices for them, and shows a fierce intoleration towards any threats to her daughters. She also reveals she has the same kind of hatred and animosity Eda has for Emperor Belos. Gwendolyn can also be stubborn, which often clouds her judgement. She refused to accept the fact that nothing can cure Eda's curse, until she was forced to confront Wartlop and save Eda from her cursed form. She reluctantly accepts that while her intentions may have been pure, her actions were not, and decides to leave Eda alone with her potions. She also realizes how her neglect of Lilith affected her, so she instead has Lilith move in with her to make up for lost time and be a better mother for both her daughters.

Physical appearance

Gwendolyn is an elderly witch who shares a similar appearance to Eda. She has big short gray hair similar to Eda's (originally brown when she was younger). Light green eyes, visible cheekbones. She has the Beast Keeping patch under her right wrist, implying that she is apart of the Beast Keeping Coven. During the thirty years of searching for a cure to Eda's curse, she received a lot of scars, mostly on her right arm. She dresses in long purple down short sleeve gown, boots, and a pair of black rimmed glasses. Gwendolyn wears golden earrings, purple lipstick and nail polish.


  • Both Edalyn and Gwendolyn's full names end with "lyn".
  • Gwendolyn's disagreement in using elixirs would consider her to be "anti-vaxxer", someone who is opposed to vaccination, typically a parent who does not wish to vaccinate their child.


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