HEX is the main villain of the video game Disney Universe.

Role in the video game

Introduction / Finale Cutscenes

He is first seen in the intro for the game where he is seen taking over Disney Universe when VIC notices some Bots attacking guests. Later during the end of the introduction cutscene, he explains that he now rules Disney Universe as well as taking over VIC.

Once the player completes all six worlds at once, VIC ends up confronting HEX for trying to cause more chaos in the Disney Universe where he plans to take revenge on the guests at the Disney Universe. When VIC asks HEX to leave, he then tells VIC that he will perform It's a Small World, but he decides to perform said song despite VIC's protests thinking he might cause more chaos again.

HEX is last seen singing a rock version of It's a Small World before he leaves, the park retaken from him.

In the levels

In multiplayer, HEX power-ups can be used which includes a bomb head, a boot, a basketball and a chicken; these power-ups can be used to help the player take out his or her opponents specifically to take more gold from them. He is also seen at the start of each level during the loading screen mocking VIC's tips and assistance.


  • Despite being the main villain in the game, HEX does not appear as a fightable boss in any of the levels.
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