The Hag and the Werewolf are minor antagonists in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and its 2008 movie adaptation. They are two former servants and worshipers of Jadis the White Witch intent on using cunning an manipulation to resurrect her from the dead.


The Hag and the Werewolf are shown to be extremely manipulative and cunning, able to easily convince the heroic Caspian to resort to drastic measures (this could be a result of his Telmarine heritage, meaning he may not have known who Jadis really was). They are also not afraid to get their hands dirty, as both partake in combat when their ritual is challenged.


In Prince Caspian, Nikabrik, the Hag, and the Werewolf come to Caspian during crisis, offering a way to ensure Miraz's death and secure power back to him. Caspian agrees, and the two begin a ritual involving an archaic incantation and the (somehow) recovered wand of the White Witch. They use it to create a wall of ice with the spirit of Jadis within. Jadis asks for Caspian to provide her with a drop of his blood, which will bring her back to life. Tempted, Caspian allows his hand to be cut and his blood to spill. However,Peter, Edmund, Trumpkin, and Lucy arrive and fend them off. After a quarrel, Peter kills the Hag, Edmund kills the Werewolf, and Trumpkin and Lucy kill Nikabrik. Peter knocks Caspin away from the ice, but becomes entranced himself and begins to be tempted by the spirit of Jadis. However, Edmund sneaks up behind the wall and stabs it, shattering the wall and killing Jadis for good.

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