Hallmark was an American greeting card company and longtime Disney merchandising licensee. A Hallmark store could be found at both Disneyland from 1960 to 1985, and at the Magic Kingdom from 1974 to 1985.

Joyce Hall, founder of the company, was a friend of Walt Disney's from Kansas City, Missouri. Beginning in 1931, Joyce received the license to produce greeting cards with Disney characters on them. The company's relationship with the Walt Disney Company continues to this day. However Disney also started to produce birthday and holiday cards with greeting card company American Greetings simultaneously with Hallmark starting in 2016.

Hallmark released an exclusive album with Disney titled "Hallmark Celebrates 75 Years With Mickey" in 2003 to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 75th Anniversary.

In 2013, Hallmark began producing a line of plush toys called Itty Bittys, cute stylizations of popular characters, including Disney.

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