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"Halloween Tricksters" is the 45th episode of PJ Masks. This is a two-part special episode. It first aired on October 5, 2018.


The PJ Masks must protect children from Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the Wolfy Kids who have teamed up to steal Halloween goody bags.


It’s Halloween, and everyone is getting ready to put on some costumes and go trick-or-treating for the night. Connor, Amaya, and Greg are especially excited, as they already know who they are going as. As the three play with some masks of their signature animal that they found in the bookstore, Cameron walks in and asks Greg if he is supposed to be a gekko with the mask that he has. Greg confirms this, but starts stammering, presumably fearing that he is revealing his superhero identity. Fortunately, Cameron does not pay any attention to this, and tells the others just to wait and see what his costume is going to be for Halloween. He leaves, and Greg complains about how Cameron is a show-off. Amaya tells Greg not to worry about him, though, and just think about Halloween night, especially since according to Connor, it is the villains’ favorite time of the year. The three kids leave the bookstore, and they pass a kid running by them. He warns them to watch out for little kids in leotards playing tricks on him and the others. This means that Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos are in town, and they are already causing trouble. Ready to protect the trick-or-treaters and save Halloween, the PJ Masks proclaim their Halloween-themed signature phrase.

Once the PJ Masks transform and arrive at headquarters, PJ Robot comes in and shows them his costume: a pumpkin. He then turns over to the PJ Picture Player and shows the team the security cameras. There indeed is Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos, and they are up to something. The PJ Masks leave HQ, and PJ Robot stays behind to keep in contact with them, knowing that Night Ninja may have some tricks waiting for them.

One transition later, the PJ Masks arrive at their neighborhood. Before coming out in front of their classmates, they know that they should act casual and blend in. However, they will need to disguise their voices so the others won’t know who they really are. That being said, the team walks towards their classmates and greets them. The kids are amazed by their costumes, until Cameron comes in and shows them what he is dressed up as: Captain Cameron, an interplanetary hero from outer space. He tells the others to continue their trick-or-treating, and the kids run off. Suddenly, the Ninjalinos pop in and scare them. The group chases them downtown, and leads them into a Sticky Splat web. Once the kids get stuck, the Ninjalinos grab their treats and run away. Soon, the PJ Masks catch up to the kids. Hiding behind the buildings, they know that they have to save them, but they do not know how if they cannot reveal that they have superpowers. Gekko gets an idea, and he runs up to Cameron using his Super Gekko Camouflage and pulls him off of the web as he tries to unstick himself. Cameron is free, and is amazed to see of how he was able to get himself free, although it is unknown to him that Gekko is responsible for his freedom. Believing that he has interplanetary super muscles, he pulls the rest of the kids free from the Sticky Splat web, all while Gekko aids him in doing so with his Super Gekko Muscles. The kids are free, amazed of the superpower that they and Cameron believe that he has, and thank him. Gekko walks away from the group, and reappears with the PJ Masks, upset to see that they are praising Cameron when he knows that he was the real hero in saving the kids with his Super Strength. Owlette comforts him, and says that the team knows about it, and the most important thing to remember is that he helped. Gekko is still upset about this, though, but he walks with the team towards the other kids.

Catboy, in his disguised voice, asks the others if they are alright. Cameron confirms this, and claims that he saved the kids from the Ninjalinos. Shocked by this statement, Gekko prepares to walk in and tell the truth, but Owlette holds him back. Suddenly, one of the kids chimes in and states that the Ninjalinos have taken their treats from them. Cameron claims that he will go after the group of villains, and he and the kids run off. Just then, the PJ Masks see the Ninjalinos with the kids’ treats. Now that the coast is clear, the team chases them around the town. In a few moments, they lead them back toward the Sticky Splat web. The team cuts them off in all directions, and Owlette pushes them on the web with her Owl Wing Wind. The Ninjalinos are trapped, and the team begins to recover the treats. Suddenly, Night Ninja appears and startles them. He is having fun, tricking the other trick-or-treaters and stealing their goody bags so he and the NInjalinos can have them all to themselves. The PJ Masks confront him, saying that stealing the treats is not fun, and that they just succeeded in retrieving them. Suddenly, the kids start screaming again for help. Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos disappear, and the PJ Masks grab the fallen treats and see what is going on.

Near headquarters, the kids, who have gotten new batches of treats, are running away from a floating and light purple-glowing pumpkin. One of the kids drops their goody bag, but they continue running, and the pumpkin collects the bag. Cameron attempts to stop the pumpkin and save the treats, but he is spooked when it comes towards him, and he hides inside a trash can. The PJ Masks arrive at the scene and look at the situation. Taking a closer look at the pumpkin, and then up at the buildings, they see Luna Girl, which means that she is behind this trickery. Owlette tells the boys to cover her, and she flies off. Cameron then comes out of his hiding spot, and with Catboy and Gekko’s direction on where the pumpkin went, which he unknowingly hit, he goes on his search to stop the floating object. Meanwhile, the moths fly out of the pumpkin, collect it, and collect the fallen treats, including the ones that the team have just recovered. Luna Girl and her moths then fly off, until Owlette catches up to her and tells her that she does not have all the treats yet; HQ has some as well. The group makes their way towards HQ, and the PJ Masks follow her from behind, while PJ Robot prepares HQ for a little scary surprise. Soon, the villainess arrives, and waits for the bay doors to open so she and her moths can steal the treats. The bay door opens up, and with some smoke and lighting, it creates a scary face. Luna Girl is scared off of her Luna Board, and she falls down. Gekko quickly runs over to her and catches her in time, and gives her a little scare. Annoyed, Luna Girl gets off of Gekko’s arms, jumps on her Luna Board, and chases her moths down, who are also spooked by the scary face. They bump into Cameron, drop all of the treats near him and the other kids, and fly away. Cameron sees the pumpkin that the moths have also dropped, and believes that he actually outspooked the ghost that was inside the pumpkin.

As the kids celebrate their treats now returned to them, the PJ Masks regroup. Now that the villains are defeated, the team gets ready to have their own Halloween fun. However, Luna Girl and her moths return. The PJ Masks get ready to take them on, but using her Halloween moon power that she saved in her Luna Magnet for this very moment, Luna Girl zaps three of her moths, and they grow into ginormous size. They capture the PJ Masks, and they fly away with them. The team tries to break free from their grasp, but they are not able to. To make things worse, they hear some howling. Looking behind them, they see that the Wolfy Kids are in town as well, and they are chasing the kids to take their goody bags. With Night Ninja appearing by Luna Girl’s side, it reveals that the villains are working together to steal everyone’s goody bags. As long as the Wolfies do not mess up, and Luna Girl believes that they will not since she told them about the Halloween Wolfy Moon giving the pack extra powers, the villain team will succeed in stealing all of the treats, and the PJ Masks won’t be there to stop them!

The PJ Masks are in disbelief of what is happening. Looking from above, as they see the Wolfies cornering the kids and taking their treats while Night Ninja and Luna Girl are conversing with each other about their evil Halloween haul, they see that the villains have teamed up for this special night. Knowing that they have to do something about this, Owlette contacts PJ Robot for help. Monitoring what is going on, PJ Robot answers back and says that he has a plan to trick the moths. He comes on top of HQ and sends out a loud sonic wave to capture the moths’ attention. Once that is finished, he shines a bright light. The moths come toward him, and before they reach him, the PJ Masks tickle the moths. The insects lose their grasp on them, and with Owlette holding on to the boys, the team safely lands. PJ Robot scares the moths away with his Halloween face, and the team continues their mission, giving a thank-you wave to the little robot for saving them.

Coming back into the town, the PJ Masks regroup with the kids. Since the Wolfies have stolen their Halloween treats, they are upset that Halloween is ruined. Cameron runs in and tells them not to worry, though. Since he believes that he saved everyone from the Sticky Splat web and scared a ghost, he will surely get the treats back. He takes off, tripping along the way, and the kids follow him. Gekko is annoyed, knowing that the PJ Masks themselves are the ones who are doing everything, while Cameron believes he is doing all of the things himself. However, they cannot worry about this situation now; they have to focus on the mission. Using his Cat Ears, Catboy hears the Wolfies at the park, and the team heads there.

By the trees, Howler and Rip are enjoying the power of the Halloween Wolfy Moon. Kevin catches up to the pack, and tells them that he stashed the goody bags somewhere secret. However, he does not remember where. He did make up a rhyme to help him out, though, so he tries to remember what it is, and comes up with the words “loot” and “root”. That means the treats must be somewhere in the trees, so the pack will need to use their super snouts to sniff them out. Kevin goes inside a bush, and much to the others’ frustration, he finds a bone. Meanwhile, Night Ninja and Luna Girl are on top of the trees, behind the group. They are checking on them, and are annoyed that they have messed up, as expected. Suddenly, they hear the PJ Masks’ voices, and they look to see the team looking for the Wolfies. Night Ninja is worried about this, but then realizes that if the team helps the pack find the goodies, then that will help them know where the goody bags are. Keeping this plan in mind, the two villains witness the situation from down below. At the same time, Kevin drops his bone, as the Wolfies are surprised to see the PJ Masks arrive. Owlette picks up the bone, and reminds them that if they do not reveal where the treats are, no one is going to get any. Suddenly, because the word “treat” has been said, Kevin remembers what the rhyme is supposed to be. Hot dogs are his favorite treats, so he says in his rhyme that he hid the goody bags with his hot dogs. Everyone is confused by this, as it does not even rhyme, until Kevin reveals that he usually hides his hot dogs in the shed. Owlette throws the bone to distract the Wolfies, and the PJ Masks quickly head over to recover the treats. They do not see Night Ninja and Luna Girl spying on them from above. Now that the villains know where the treats are, they head over as well.

Soon enough, the PJ Masks arrive at the shed, and find all the goody bags stored in there. Now they can return them to all of the children. Before they can do that, though, Cameron shines his flashlight at them, and confronts them for stealing the treats. Without doing anything, the PJ Masks drop the goody bags, tell him to return the treats himself, and leave. As they do that, Cameron comments on how they have the nerve to dress up as superheroes. Now angry, Gekko prepares to come towards him, but Catboy just grabs him, and leads him away as he expresses his frustration on how Cameron is taking all of the credit for what they are doing, and how he thinks that they stole the treats. Cameron then enters the shed. Looking at how much is stored in there, he thinks that he could keep all the treats to himself, but nevertheless, he gathers all of them up.

As soon as Cameron exits the shed with all of the treats in his hands and begins to head back to the trick-or-treaters, Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos, Luna Girl and her moths, and the Wolfy Kids all appear in front of him. He becomes very scared, but he nervously reminds himself that the villains are just kids in costumes, and that he can defeat them since he is dressed up as Captain Cameron. He drops the treats, and goes into a fighting stance. The villains are confused by what he is doing, and ask if he is a superhero. Cameron confirms this, and explains that he is on a mission. Since that is the case, Cameron begins to speed dash away, but after looking at him pretending to do that for a couple of seconds, Luna Girl proclaims that he is not a superhero, and the moths crowd around him, forcing him to stumble into the shed as he tries to fight back. Once Cameron is out of the way, the PJ Masks, who have been spying and waiting for the right moment to strike since he cannot see them in action, jump out. Catboy speeds around the Wolfies gathering up to get the goody bags, throwing them away, and Owlette blows Luna Girl onto Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos. Gekko catches the treats, and the PJ Masks leave the scene. Cameron walks out of the shed, and after seeing the villains down, he believes that he had done this. Thinking that Cameron has superpowers, Luna Girl and the Wolfies run away. Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos don’t give up, though, and they quickly steal the treats and run off. The PJ Masks come out, and they chase them down, leaving Cameron with mixed feelings about how he believes that he impressed everyone with his powers while losing all the treats. Soon, the Ninjalinos split up. Owlette flies up and uses her Owl Eyes, and see that they, as well as the other villains, are going underground. The PJ Masks run toward the sewer hole and jump down.

Under the city, most of the villains are complaining about what is supposed to be their lair. Night Ninja says it is damp, and the Wolfies say that it is dark and spooky. The pack bumps into each other, and complains that they do not have the light of the Halloween Wolfy Moon to give them their powers. To further expand their disappointment, Luna Girl tells them that she just made up the story of the Halloween Wolfy Moon. Night Ninja interrupts them, though, and just states that they should just celebrate their victory. As they split up the goodies, Night Ninja explains how they succeeded over the PJ Masks thanks to his own plan. However, Luna Girl says that it was all her idea, while Kevin also objects on behalf of the Wolfies, especially since he made up the hot dog “rhyme”. Meanwhile, the PJ Masks are seeing this situation unfold. Although surprised at the fact that the villains had actually managed to succeed, they see that they care more about who gets all the credit for the Halloween heist instead of being a villain team-up. Gekko is ashamed that he had done something similar to that. He cared more about who gets credit for saving the day than saving Halloween. Suddenly, he gets an idea; if the PJ Masks can come up with a little trick, they can use that with the current situation against the villains and split them apart.

Therefore, they split up. Owlette flies up and creates wind gusts with her Owl Wing Wind, while Catboy creates some spooky noises. The villains do not know what is going on, but when the Wolfies see that their treats are floating over towards Luna Girl, they think that she is the one who is scaring them, just so she can have all the treats. Although Luna Girl declares that she is not doing this, she thinks that her moon power is the best and that she deserves more. Hearing what the villainess said, Night Ninja explains that he should get the most instead, since his ninja tricks were the best. The Wolfies object and say that they should get the most because they were the ones who hid the goody bags. Soon, the villains prepare to fight each other, until Gekko appears and startles them, saying that the treats rightfully belong to the trick-or-treaters. Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos get ready to attack him, but Catboy speeds in, ties the Ninjalinos up with his Super Cat Stripes, and uses his Super Cat Speed to circle around Night Ninja, making him dizzy and fall down. With the group of villains down, Luna Girl tries grabbing the rest of the treats for herself with her Luna Magnet, but Gekko deflects the ray with his Super Gekko Shield, and it hits her. Owlette then fires Super Owl Feathers to block Kevin from getting the goody bags, and he gets flung over to the rest of the pack. The villains are finally defeated, and the PJ Masks organize the goody bags. Before they take off with them, though, Owlette offers her treat bag to the villains for them to share. The villains are happy, but they start to fight over the treats once they are thrown to them. Suddenly, everyone hears Cameron’s voice, telling them to give up the goody bags. Fearing that he is going to get them again, the villains run away. Once they are gone, the PJ Masks throw the goody bags out from underground, and they land towards Cameron.

In a few moments, all of the treats are returned to the kids in the neighborhood. As they praise Cameron for stopping the villains and saving their goody bags, the PJ Masks watch them from the rooftops. Although everyone will never know that they are the real heroes of the night, Gekko and his friends know that when being a hero, doing the right thing is most important. That being said, the PJ Masks check out their treats and shout out their Halloween-themed victory phrase, ending the episode.


  • This serves as the PJ Masks' Halloween episode.
  • This is also the second special episode of the series.

Hero Revelation

Don't take credit for something you haven't done.

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