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"Halloween With Hades" is the forty-ninth episode of House of Mouse. It was originally aired on Toon Disney's New For You Show! on October 3, 2003.


It's Halloween night at the House of Mouse and when Hades' amorous advances are rebuffed by Maleficent, he turns to Mickey to learn how to win her heart.


After Mickey introduces himself, Hades begins to look at all the guests saying that this place is very much like a fairy tale and he gets bored easily because he doesn't have a partner, his minions Pain and Panic come to his senses that they are all stupid mortals and with their stupid amorous smiles.

Suddenly, Hades sees Maleficent returning her demons to the castle, Hades soon falls in love with her and tries to conquer her by introducing himself but it doesn't work out and Maleficent hits him with her staff causing a bruise on his head, when Pain and Panic ask Hades how it went, Hades only responds by shutting them up while burning them.

Mickey walks up to him and asks him if he thinks he could impress people if he couldn't try to be cute, Hades comments that he wouldn't like cute making him believe that Maleficent hates cutesy and also threatens to burn him down club in 5 seconds, Mickey calms him down and tells him how to impress people and uses Maleficent as a demonstration, Hades gets nervous about what will be nice, so Mickey starts the first cartoon.

After Hades comments to himself that to flirt with the girl he has to be 100% nice and thinks that it would be torture and that it seems he had devised it, Mickey arrives and tells him that he will teach him to be nice without cheating and promises him to stay will strive, Hades agrees and begins his practice.

At the end Mickey tells his friends that they will introduce Hades in a nice way and Hades appears dressed as Mickey causing Pain and Panic to be heartbroken that Hades will never be the same again, Mickey tells him to ignore them and takes him towards Maleficent, however, he becomes more nervous when he sees her making Captain Hook disappear with her staff, however Mickey encourages him to be more sympathetic.

As Donald tries to scare the guests to no avail, Mickey convinces him to watch a cartoon where he is indeed scary.

After the cartoon, Mickey assures Hades that everything will be fine and tells him in Pain and Panic that Hades has become good, to the sadness of Pain and Panic, after passing the guests leaving them surprised, he approaches Maleficent and begins act nice, Maleficent feels affection for the nice aspect of him but suddenly she says that she hates them and despises them to the surprise of Hades, this also leaves Mushu speechless before the reaction of the god of the underworld.

Seeing that everything about being nice failed, Hades goes crazy for it and starts attacking Mickey Mouse, when Pain and Panic passes near them they are excited to see that their boss has turned mean again, while Mickey arrives at the door, Hades begins to intimidate him and Mickey feeling guilty for trying to make him nice, but when it seems nice to Hades that it is a roasted mouse, he attracts Maleficent's attention telling him that this idea is the one he likes the most, telling Hades that Mickey is very nice making Hades perplexed and moved by the comment, Maleficent tells him that she likes men who have a rough character and who make her dragon spirit come out, Hades comments that he also gets too angry and Mickey leaves happy.

Mickey tells Minnie that from that people could learn that the lesson was that even if you are the lord of the underworld, it is always important to be yourself, Minnie asks if this was planned from the beginning but Mickey says yes, like this as Hades and Maleficent share their relationship together and even burning Donald in the process, Minnie and Daisy feel attracted to Hades and Daisy shows him the book of Hades, finally Mickey says goodbye to all the guests and hides in the pumpkin.

Featured shorts

Episode Introduction

"Located in the middle of Main Street, it's Disney's House of Mouse!"

Mickey Introduction

"Now don't close your eyes and don't try to hide from Mickey Mouse."


  • The scene where Donald tries to scare the Beast, but gets scared himself and the scene where he said that he will never scare anyone was reused in Mickey's House of Villains.
  • The episode marks the first time a relationship between Hades and Maleficent is featured even in Descendants, with the second one being Descendants 3 (in which Hades is depicted as Maleficent's ex-lover/husband).
  • Despite being a Halloween episode, it feels more like a Valentine's episode, making it the first episode to have two celebrations in one place.

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