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"Handy Anne" is the first segment of the twenty-first episode of Amphibia. It aired on July 11, 2020.


Worried that something bad could happen while they are in Newtopia, Anne decides to disaster-proof the farm.


Anne and Sprig are enjoying the "new season", though the former is still slightly traumatized from the "Sasha incident". Hop Pop arrives to inform the two that the ice has melted and that they can leave the valley now to Newtopia, a city with newts that could potentially hold the key to helping Anne get back home. He even acquires a "Fwagon" (family-wagon) that they can use to travel there. Hop Pop informs the kids that they need to pack before they leave and give the house key to Chuck, whom Anne cannot seem to remember despite playing Bugball with him once. Upon meeting Chuck again, Anne feels that he is incapable of tending to the house and decides to let him go so that she can full proof it as well as the crops from any natural harm.

Sprig is looking through his collection of slingshots to see which one would be perfect for the trip. He begins to have a breakdown when he cannot decide and Polly does not help when she mockingly questions his choices. Meanwhile, Anne goes to see Loggle after having collected defensive items for the house and asks for something to protect the crops. He presents his miracle glop, a green glowing substance that has an unusual effect on crops, but despite his warning, Anne buys and then carelessly dumps it all into the crops, despite the barrel warning her against doing so.

Anne and the Plantars are ready to leave when the crops suddenly mutate into monsters forcing the family to fight them. When they morph into a giant veggie monster, one of Anne's traps causes the monster to land on top of the house; destroying it completely. Anne defeats the monster by herself. Anne apologizes for the mess as she wanted to help the Plantars like they are helping her. Hop Pop informs her that they are working with her, not for her. Hop Pop calls Chuck, who fixes the entire house in a matter of seconds, and they prepare to depart. Anne asks if they should bring the music box, but Hop Pop, not wanting her to find out he buried it out of safety, lies to her and explains that it is safe with his "contacts". As they leave, they realize they still need to give the key to Chuck.


Additional Voices

  • Dee Bradley Baker as Taxi Snail, Veggie Monsters
  • Scott Menville as Quentin
  • Sam Riegel as Frog carried by Dragonfly
  • Kyler Spears as Dave



  • This is the first episode to use the new season 2 intro and end credits.
  • The frog that was picked up by the giant dragonfly is still in the air after three months.
  • Sprig is revealed to own numerous slingshots, many of which actually have different accessories and abilities.
  • Loggle for the first time says "I do" without slowly transitioning into a negative, which he admits "doesn't feel right".


  • During the battle with the vegetable monster, Anne's eyes glow blue, this time prominently. This is a call back to "Anne or Beast?" where Anne's eyes briefly flash blue while she holds off the red mantis.
  • Hop Pop buried the Calamity Box, as shown in "Bizarre Bazaar" which Anne is still unaware of, and refuses to bring it with them to Newtopia.
  • Anne does not remember Chuck from "The Big Bugball Game".


  • The episode title is a reference to Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior's show Handy Manny, and also on "handyman."
  • Anne running on the arm of the vegetable monster to attack its eyes is similar to the TMNT 2012 Season 3 episode Vision Quest, where Leo run's on the Shredder's arm to eventually shoot an arrow into his eye.
  • The glop induced eggplant creature resembles the xenomorph from the Alien franchise.

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