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"Hang in There, Kid" is a song at the end of the film, The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue. It is sung by Toaster, his gang, Ratso, Maisie, Alberto, Sebastian, Murgatroid, and an off-screen chorus. This song is also played by Radio.


Toaster: When you're in the deepest holes

Lampy: When you're in the darkest pits...

Kirby: And you're on the verge of the urge
To call it quits

Blanky: Remember there might be some fun for you

Ratso: A home for you, someone for you

Radio: And it's just about to begin

All: So hang in there, kid
Hang in

Maisie: When you're feeling left behind
When you're feeling not so hot...

Alberto: Feeling insecure 'cause you're sure
You've been forgot

Sebastian: There could be a big change today for you
A big hip, hip hooray for you!

Murgatroid: And a-hey, my friend, how ya been?

All: So hang in there, kid
Hang in

Radio: I thought I was a goner
Out like an empty shell!
Rigor mortis had set in!

Toaster: Well, on my word of honor...

Toaster, Lampy, Blanky, Kirby, Ratso: You've never sounded so well!

Chorus: When you're in the grip of fear
When you're in the hands of fate
You may feel inclined to resign
But just you wait

Radio: There's someone who will spin your dials for you

Kirby: Who flips your switch

Lampy: And smiles for you

Chorus (variously): Who will cheer you on 'til you win
So hang in there, kid
Hang in there, kid (x2)
Hang in!

Hang in (x8)


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