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A picture of Adam and Naomi, with the logo on the right hand side.

Hanging with Adam & Naomi is a short-series aired on Disney Channel Australia . It features the two hosts of Disney Channel Australia doing random things around the Disney Channel office. They broadcast every week day from 4:30pm (New South Wales time) Some of their topics include Dood Food, Life Hackz, Good Luck Naomi (though occasionally Adam), Punk My Desk, Awkward, Grandpa Adam, Adam Shakes it Up and many more!

The hosts are Adam and Naomi, who both have appeared on previous short-series. Adam was on 'Random Dares', and Naomi was on 'You're a Natural'. 


Dood Food

HangingWith w01 DoodFood 1

Adam as his Jamaican persona.

Dood Food features Adam as a Jamaican character who has 'helpful' recipes for food, and occasionally moisturiser too. In Dood Food, Adam's character says that he has gotten the recipe from a (usually made up) place, and how it helped him in a certain situation. Dood Food is definatley one of the weirdest of the 'Hanging With' topics.

Life Hackz

256x144 HWAN-Life-Hacks-Bottle-Top-Lid

Linda (Naomi) and Adam creating a Life Hack.

Life Hackz (purposely misspelled) features both Adam and Naomi. Naomi portrays an annoying woman named Linda who bosses Adam around. 'Linda' will get Adam to create things that sometimes are very useful around the house. This is one of the few of the 'Hanging With' topics that are actually useful in real life.

Good Luck Naomi

256x144 HWAN-Good-Luck-Naomi
Good Luck Naomi is where Naomi, whilst blind folded, must pick between three plates of food. One of them are tasty, the other two are not. Basically, Naomi picks a number, one, two or three and then has to eat the number she picks. Good Luck Adam is the same, but reversed with Adam instead of Naomi, though Naomi usually cheats and mixes the good thing with both the bad things.

Punk My Desk