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Dr. Reinhardt is walking a tightrope between genius and insanity.
―Kate Mcrae

Dr. Hans Reinhardt is the main antagonist of Disney's 1979 live-action film, The Black Hole.


Before the events of the film, Hans was the Captain of the ship, the USS Cygnus. He, along with the rest of the crew, were all piloting to the black hole. However, Hans wanted to go inside of the black hole instead of seeing it at a distance. He then turned the whole crew into Humanoids and replaced majority of them with Sentry Robots. He, along with Maximilian (who is Hans best robot, who replaced S.T.A.R.) waited until it was the right time to go into the black hole.

Once the film begins, the crew of the USS Palomino is seen boarding the Cygnus, being introduced to Hans and Maximilian. Hans welcomes them to the Cygnus and tells them about what it has become. They then begin to believe what he says. However people such as Dan Holland and Harry Booth disagree on what he says and snoop around the Cygnus to find a truth.

These thoughts come real when B.O.B., the last droid of his kind on board the Cygnus, becomes friends with the crew telling them of the evil plot Hans has created of going into the black hole. Meanwhile, Maximilian kills Alex Durant and takes Kate McCrae hostage, leaving the crew to save her. Later, he ordered Maximillian to open fire on the Palomino should it tried to take off.

Unlikely, Harry refused to save Kate, sending him and the Palomino back home, but he was shot down by Maximilian and crashed into the Cygnus, killing him. The rest of the crew now have to head to a Probe Ship to get home. When things go wrong trying to enter the black hole, possibly destroying majority of the Sentry Robots, Humanoids, and S.T.A.R., Hans realizes he has to get to the Probe Ship first before the crew of the Palomino do.

Right when Hans is about to leave, a giant TV screen crashes onto him, leaving him stuck on the Cygnus and heading to the black hole. He contacts Maximilian and the Humanoids to help, but Maximilian left and the Humanoids refuse to help Hans, for he isn't in power anymore. The rest of the remaining crew of the Palomino fight Maximilian, destroying him, and board the Probe Ship and make it out alive.

Hans is finally seen grasping onto the destroyed Maximilian, and is then seen inside of his body standing on a hellish landscape, surrounded by Humanoids and broken down Sentry Robots.


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