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This article is about the song from the Broadway adaptation of Frozen. For the Frozen character of the same name, see Prince Hans.

" Hans_of_the_Southern_Isles_(Reprise)_(From_"Frozen_The_Broadway_Musical"_Audio_Only) Hans of the Southern Isles" is a song performed by John Riddle in the Broadway adaption of Frozen.

The song is first performed during the first time Hans and Anna meet in Arendelle, shortly before her sister's coronation. It is reprised later in the show as Hans rallies the people of Arendelle to trust in him while Anna is looking for her sister.

A second reprise was part of the show during the 2017 Denver tryouts and took place as Hans revealed to Anna his true intentions about becoming King of Arendelle. This reprise was cut before the show made its Broadway debut in 2018, excluding the last two lines, which remain the production.


Wait, don't go.
You don't have to be embarrassed Princess "Oh-I'm-just-me",
'Cause I am someone even more embarrassing to be

I'm only the thirteenth son of a king
Of a very small kingdom
Of very small islands to the South

And nobody sings about this humble face
Or my lack of grace
Or quotes what comes out of my mouth
(Thank goodness)

I've journeyed a long way to see your sister crowned
To honour and to back you
Yet here I go to smack you to the ground

Please accept the humblest of apologies
From a clumsy prince who's only come to serve and please
With a line of mean, big brothers that goes on for miles

A man you won't see in a statue of bronze
Just Hans of the Southern Isles

I'm only the thirteenth son of a king
Nor am I your leader
Only her fiance

But my love for her has made something clear
We can't give into fear
Not here, not today

We can't know how threatening the road ahead will be
But put your faith in Anna
The way that Anna put her faith in me

I can't tell you what the princess sees in me
But let me tell you what an honour it would be
If you could let me lead you through this time of trials

You ask for a leader, a servant responds
Trust Hans of the Southern Isles

But, what of the cold?
What of the Queen?
What if she really is a monster?

Hans: Then she will be dealt with, and Anna and I will lead you back to summer.
Weselton: Go along with it!

Hans: He's more than the thirteenth son of a king

We're lucky he came along
At our time of need

We'll never give in to fear or to treason
Let's listen to reason
And follow his lead

Hans: Who will come with me?

My men and I, my lord
Yes, Weselton arises
And offers up the power of his sword

Hans: I call to your kingdom

Our kingdom responds to Hans
(To Hans)
Prince Hans of the Southern Isles

I knew as the thirteenth son of a king
That I’d have to marry
Into the throne somewhere

And I heard of Elsa, and I saw my chance
To strike a romance
And marry an heir

It was instantly clear no one was getting close to her
Then I bumped right into you
And got a clue into how starved for love you were

So desperate, you agreed to marriage on the spot
And I thought I’d stage an accident or a coup d’etat
But then you sisters doomed each other, and it's worked out well

Once I kill Elsa, and give you this ring
I’ll be King Hans of Arendelle

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