Hanuman is a character that appears in Sanjay's Super Team. He is Sanjay's superhero re-imagining of the Hindu god Hanuman. His superhero identity takes inspiration from the Marvel Comics character The Hulk.

Role in the short film

Though he is seen on one of the prayer shrines in Sanjay's house and as a statue in the Hindu temple which Ravana takes two staffs from the statue of Hanuman, he does not make a physical appearance until the climax of the film where he and the other two deities Durga and Vishnu come alive and fight against the evil monster Ravana after Sanjay ignites the wick on the large Diya using his action figure. When Ravana throws several staffs at Sanjay and the deities, Hanuman uses his tail as a whip as he counters the weapons thrown by Ravana. He and the other two deities use a bell which is the same one used by his father to stall Ravana. Soon as Sanjay defeats Ravana, Hanuman and the other deities feel proud that he defeated the monster as he and the other deities transform back into statues.

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