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Any friend of Mono's is a friend of mine.

Hanzy is a character from the animated series, Legend of the Three Caballeros. She is a large female being serving as one of the guardians of the Nazca Realm whom Donald Duck, José Carioca, Panchito, and Xandra encounter in a plan to stop Felldrake.


Living in the Nazca Realm located in the Nazca Lines in Peru, Hanzy serves as one of the landmark's guardians alongside her faithful ally, Mono, a monkey guardian also living there. At first, she mistakens the Caballeros, Xandra, and Mono for being intruders to which upon realizing that she has a finger trap placed by Sheldgoose on her finger and after José and Panchito pull it off, she agrees to help Mono and his friends across the Nazca Realm in a plan to stop Sheldgoose. In spite of having nine fingers (only one thumb), she is even capable of helping her allies throughout their adventures across the Nazca Realm.

Due to her strength and giant size, she is even capable of even lifting the cage placed by Sheldgoose on Mono's allies as Hanzy even cooperates with the group in helping trying to stop Sheldgoose from escaping into the real world so he can erase the Caballeros as part of his evil plans. Later after Hanzy became struck by Sheldgoose using Felldrake against her, she ends up becoming erased. Later when José Carioca finds out that it is possible to bring her back to life and suddenly gains another thumb where she becomes excited that she has another thumb and later thanks the Caballeros for helping her and Mono throughout their adventures just before the Caballeros and Xandra leave.

Role in the series

In "Nazca Racing", Hanzy first appears when Mono leads Xandra, José, Panchito, Donald across the Nazca Realm where she mistakens the five for intruders. She attempts to repel them, but realizes that she has a finger trap caused by Felldrake. She then explains to Mono that Baron Von Sheldgoose used a trick to put her into a finger trap to which José and Panchito agree to get her fingers out of Sheldgoose's tricks. Upon doing her favor, Hanzy explains to the two that any friend of Mono's is a friend of hers and explains to the group to know what their mission is. Mono explains to Hanzy that he, Xandra, and the Caballeros are planning to stop Sheldgoose from stealing the Nazca Gyroscope before he destroys the Earth to which Hanzy agrees to help the group stop Sheldgoose.

Five hours later, Hanzy, Xandra, José, Panchito, Donald, and Mono arrive at a lair which is the web of a giant spider named "Clementine", the scariest of all the Nazca guardians, to which the six sneak past the web without getting noticed by Clementine. The group arrives at the spot where the Nazca Gyroscope is at, where it is explained that the Gyroscope keeps the Earth spinning at the center of the Earth. Before they can protect it, Sheldgoose suddenly uses Mono's magic chalk to draw a cage to trap the group as part of Sheldgoose's dirty tricks as the three plan to return to the real world to erase them as part of his evil plans. While in the cage, Hanzy manages to help the group to which upon removing the cage just before planning to stop Sheldgoose. While planning to stop Sheldgoose, the Caballeros and Xandra grab Mono's backup magic chalk and draw their vehicles to race against Sheldgoose to which as they all draw their transportation to stop him with Hanzy and Mono following along, Donald's drawing is incomplete, leaving him behind.

Suddenly, Donald finally draws his own vehicle to help stop Sheldgoose while Hanzy instructs Donald to put in his effort in trying to chase Sheldgoose and stop him. Hanzy then participates during the race where the heroes attempt to stop Sheldgoose but after Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold wake up Clementine, she approaches Hanzy and the rest of the group, as the six are cornered by the giant arachnid. Hanzy attempts to get Clementine some rest but she can't listen due to her being overwhelmed to which José offers the giant spider a resting spot, to which Xandra, José, Panchito, and Donald were able to calm her down by drawing a bed for her.

As Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold are attempting to escape, Hanzy attempts to stop them, but ends up getting struck by Sheldgoose who uses a powerful blast to hit Hanzy, causing her to be erased. As Hanzy gets erased, Mono becomes worried that Hanzy is gone. After escaping the Nazca Realm, Mono mourns the loss over Hanzy who was erased to which José tells him that he shouldn't fear her demise as it is explained that since Mono's chalk is magical, it can be used to redraw her back. The plan to revive Hanzy was successful as she thanks the Caballeros, Xandra, and Mono for saving her life. Hanzy and Mono thank the Caballeros and Xandra for their help before the four leave.


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