Harem Scarem is an animated short starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit released on January 9, 1928. This is one of several Oswald shorts that are "lost", though drawings from a small part of the film survive. The drawings were compiled by Disney into a video clip in 2012 as a D23 promotional featurette to help celebrate Oswald's eighty-fifth anniversary. The short was directed by Walt Disney and animated by the unit of Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton. 


While crossing the desert on a stunt camel, Oswald is attacked by a large bird. After vanquishing it with the help of the camel, Oswald attaches the bird's detached wings to the camel's sides, resulting in a speedy arrival at Oasis Bar, a Moroccan cafe. While there, a hula-hula charmer fascinates Oswald. Their time together is interrupted, however, by a sheik who arrives to kidnap the girl. Oswald, on his camel, pursues the sheik, and after a wild ride, saves the girl from the sheik's clutches.[2]




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