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Harold "Harry" Booth is the main trickster from Disney's 1979 live-action film, The Black Hole. meaning that he was both a(n) protagonist and antagonist. Booth was known to be a journalist. He was portrayed by the late Ernest Borgnine.


One of the many crew members of the Palomino he takes his position with concern not for his crew, but for himself. He dislikes any new idea and repeatedly told the crew he does not like gambling with his life.

When he and his crew came aboard the U.S.S. Cygnus and met Hans Reinhardt, he already felt uneasy toward the lone scientist and denied what happened to his crew. While Dan, Charlie and V.I.N.CENT went to get parts to repair the ship, he decided to snoop around. He discovered a Humanoid and tried talking to him, however the Humanoid didn't reply back to what he said.

The crew's suspicions were soon confirmed when B.O.B. told them what actually happened to the crew. His crew was going to see if they could try and save the crew from Reinhardt's control until B.O.B. told him it was too late for them, so instead Captain Dan Holland contacted him and Lieutenant Charlie Pizer for help.

When Dan heard Dr. Durant was killed and Kate McCrae was being taken to the hospital, Dan went out to rescue her accompanied by V.I.N.CENT and B.O.B. The three engaged the Sentry Robots and even without a weapon Dan managed to take on one by hand and saved Kate before being turned into a robot.

Meanwhile, while Charlie and Harry were heading to the rest of the crew, a Sentry Robot engaged on them and fired. The robot missed and was destroyed by Charlie, but Harry acted like he was hit and said he couldn't help the crew. Charlie asked if he could make it back to the ship to stay low, and he replied saying he could.

Once Charlie left to save the crew, Harry got on board the U.S.S. Palomino and prepared the engines to leave the U.S.S. Cygnus and ditch his crew to let them die with Hans. Unaware to Booth, Reinhardt had given orders to fire and destroy the Palomino should it take off. Once the crew was rescued by Charlie, they tried to make it onboard the Palomino, but Harry had already taken off.

While Harry was flying home, Hans noticed him and told Maximilian to fire at him. Maximilian did, and Harry then was shot down and crashed into the Cygnus, killing him in the explosion. Though Prizer said he tried to save himself, Holland told him that Booth did them a favor. The rest of the crew of the Palomino found the Probe Ship and got on it, while the Cygnus crew were all sucked into the Black Hole.



  • Harry Booth's death along with Alex Durant's death were accidentally spoil in the trailer.
  • Even though he tried to leave the crew, Harry unintentionally saves the crew from meeting his fate as Reinhardt order his crew to fire on the Palomino when it took off.

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