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The Haunted Armor is a living suit of armor featured in the Haunted Mansion attraction at the Disney Parks.



This suit of armor is depicted to resemble a medieval knight dressed with a red loincloth as well as having a red and yellow feather on the top of its helmet. The armor is often seen carrying a halberd, a type of axe that knights use as weapons. It is also shown with a shield decorated with a yellow symbol with a cross on it, a blue field symbol engraved with a black lion on it, and two X marks near the bottom of the shield.



The Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor[]

The suit of armor is seen standing adjacent near the entrance of the Endless Hallway area where it is seen uttering some slight movements to give the attraction an ominous tone.

Due to the success of the attraction at Disneyland, the Haunted Mansion attraction was later constructed at Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland featuring the animatronic knight in it.

After the Phantom Manor closed in 2018 and reopened in 2019 for a major rehab, a variant of the knight armor was placed in the Endless Hallway scene where the Melanie Ravenswood animatronic previously stood.

Haunted Mansion Holiday[]

The armor reprises its role from the original overlay of the attraction in which the Endless Hallway scene is decorated with Halloween-themed Christmas decorations to fit the attraction's seasonal overlay located at the ones in California and Tokyo.

Mystic Manor[]

Although the haunted armor from the original attraction does not appear in this attraction (due to the attraction itself not including any ghosts in it), several suits of armor coming to life are shown as a possible allusion to the one found in the Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor attractions where the suits of armor are brought ot life via mysterious music box.

The Chinese armor featured in the "Acquisitions and Cataloguing" room could be a possible allusion to the original armor from the Haunted Mansion attraction. In the "Arms & Armour" room, suits of armor that come to life consist of a samurai warrior preparing to chop Albert's head while hiding inside a cannon to which Albert avoids this attack, followed by three knights whose helmets are separate from each other singing the attraction's theme song, with a mysterious suit of armor on the other side of the chamber carrying several helmets laughing wickedly, which might be another possible allusion to the suit of armor from the original attraction. As it is a trackless ride, guests will be taken to a different route each time they ride on the attraction in the Arms & Armour scene.

Later after Albert shuts the music box at the end of the attraction, all the suits of armor remain in their lifeless forms.

Film appearances[]

The Haunted Mansion (2003)[]

Several suits of armor from different time periods are featured during the climax of the film where they come to life and assist the main villain Ramsley. Here, they are seen guarding the forced marriage between Sara Evers and Master Gracey. When Jim Evers tries to stop the wedding and notices his children Michael and Megan are trapped in a trunk, several suits of armor carrying various weapons face Jim and prepare to attack. As the knights prepare to attack, Jim dodges them while trying to rescue his children and while facing another knight, it swings a mace and attempts to hit Jim but avoids the armor's attack, knocking out two knights behind him. Jim then faces another knight where he dodges its halberd but Jim kicks the armor to knock it out to which he catches it after knocking out the knight while Jim takes on another one using the halberd. Upon evading the knights, Jim manages to cut open the trunk to rescue his children inside and later stops the wedding between Sara and Gracey in time.

Haunted Mansion (2023)[]

A suit of haunted armor appears in the 2023 reboot of the 2003 film adaptation of the attraction.

When Gabbie and her son Travis move into Gracey Manor, they suddenly encounter a suit of armor inside the mansion. As Travis approaches the knight, the suit of armor comes to life and prepares to attack them, much to Gabbie telling her son to get used to living in this haunted house. It then appears again when Ben Matthias approaches Gabbie and her son, albeit the armor doesn't move while Ben is planning to find ghosts inside the house.

Later when Ben astral projects through the mansion and tries to hide from the Hatbox Ghost in the library, the armor motions to a table to hide under. It fearfully shuddered when the Hatbox Ghost approached it.

Video game appearances[]

The Haunted Mansion (video game)[]

Suits of armor also appear as enemies in the video game adaptation of the film where they first appear in the Trophy Room area.

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures[]

This depiction of the knight armor combines with that of Phineas and the Beheaded Knight where the armor itself appears as an enemy the player encounters in the Haunted Mansion mini-game where the armor chases the player across the Haunted Mansion. The player then escapes from it and then drops the grandfather clock on the armor.

Disney Crossy Road[]

In the discontinued mobile application, suits of knight armor appear as enemies which the player must avoid when playing as any Haunted Mansion character in the Haunted Mansion world. Colliding with the charging armor will cause an instant game over to the player. Additionally, if the player unlocks the "Armor" character and plays as it, no suits of armor will appear and attack the player.

Additionally when playing as the Headless Knight character, the Executioner will appear in place of the armor and will attempt to attack the player; however, when it crashes into an obstacle, the Executioner's model turns into the animation of that of the suit of armor scattered into pieces then fading away.

Other Appearances[]

Muppets Haunted Mansion[]

A suit of armor appears when Gonzo and Pepe explore the Mansion, where it swings its axes towards the two, causing Pepe to react in fright and Gonzo to react in excitement. This armor was performed by stuntman Quinn McPherson who later appears in person in the credits during the song "Dancing in the Moonlight".


  • The two "X"s on the shield are a possible reference to the late Xavier Atencio who helped contribute to the attraction.

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