The Hay Wagon Band is a group of characters who appeared in the Mickey Mouse short Get a Horse!

Band members

The band is made up of of several anthropomorphic cartoon animals.

  • An old bispecaled goat who wears blue suspenders. He plays a fiddle.
  • A cat who is usually shown grinning and wears orange shorts. He plays a cigarbox guitar that has one string.
  • A brown bear that wears a red vest. He plays a snare drum.
  • A pink pig who wears a sailor's hat and blue buttoned shorts. He plays a trumpet.
  • A dachshund (wiener dog) who plays a trombone. Unlike the others, he does not enter the modern world, as he gets knocked off the wagon by Clarabelle Cow.
  • A duck
  • A chicken
  • An egg with chick feet


In the short, the band is seen riding a hay wagon drawn by Horace Horsecollar and ridden by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Clarabelle Cow. The band is sent flying after Pete rams the wagon off the road with his automobile, after which they are seen in the background playing music in a tank (when Mickey plays a bugle tune with his mouth), a sleigh (after Pete gets hit with foam that makes him look like Santa Claus) and a boat (after Pete falls into a lake).

The band enters the computer-generated modern world after being washed out of the flooded movie screen through a hole Mickey poked in it. After they are chased by Pete in and out of their own world, Pete bolts up the screen and traps them outside in the color world. In an attempt to get back in, they hold onto a swinging Horace to form a makeshift wrecking ball to re-enter the screen, but only succeed in flipping the screen upside-down, causing Pete to fall endlessly into the sky. Mickey and the band then flip the screen right-side-up and Pete and his car fall onto the ground.

After Mickey discovers the trick to outwitting Pete, they watch as Mickey alters the cartoon's gravity and watch in delight as Pete gets hurt in hilarious and violent ways. After Horace gets his hoof caught under the screen, Mickey pulls on it and the band gets blown away when Mickey flips the screen at a fast rate. Later, Pete is defeated and the screen is torn completely open, the band re-enters their world and plays their instruments before pulling a new black-and-white screen down, leaving Pete trapped outside.


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