Elastigirl: I assume your powers are?
He-Lectrix: You know, zapping things electrically, charging things, bolts of lightning, that kind of stuff.
Elastigirl and He-Lectrix[src]

He-Lectrix (real name Tom Current) is a character in Pixar's Incredibles 2, who is part of a group of second-rate Supers who aspire to join the ranks of superheroes.


Considered high voltage, He-Lectrix is a stylish Super who can manipulate electricity, which he uses to zap bad guys. However, exposure to water can temporally short out his power, and also has no effect on non-conductive materials.

Outside hero work, he is an aspiring songwriter and guitarist in a prog-rock cover band.

Powers and abilities

Electricity Manipulation: He-Lectrix has the ability to control electricity. He can zap and charge objects electrically and shoot bold of lightning from his hands.


Incredibles 2

He-Lectrix, along with Krushauer, Screech, Brick, and Reflux, is first seen in a meeting mingling with other superheroes at Winston's office where he introduces himself to Elastigirl after to take part of Winston's growing campaign of making Supers legal again, where she Elastigirl introduces herself to him in which He-Lectrix explains to him about the powers he uses. Later when Winston walks to Evelyn and Helen, he touches He-Lectrix and suddenly becomes zapped when touching him. Later after Elastigirl is captured and brainwashed by Evelyn Deavor, He-Lectrix and the other Supers break into the Parr family's new home under Evelyn's control. He and the other Supers are later seen wearing Hypno-goggles and fighting against Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack on Winston's ship in which they confront them to remove their Hypno-goggles with help from Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, and Frozone; He-Lectrix is suddenly saved when Violet traps him in her force field (electrocuting himself) while Jack-Jack (in his monster form) jumps on him and breaks his Hypno-goggles in half, saving him from Evelyn's control. Later after Evelyn gets arrested, He-Lectrix and the other superheroes are last seen reinstating the Supers Relocation Program where all the superheroes regain their legal statuses.

Video games

LEGO The Incredibles

In the Lego game, He-Lectrix is Elastigirl's partner in stopping the hovering metro train and saving the Ambassador in her helicopter.


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