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Heart is one of the five lands of Kumandra that appears in Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Raya and the Last Dragon. It is an island located in the middle of the world, and is known for its lush rainforests and peaceful community. The land is ruled by Chief Benja and his daughter, Raya. Above Heart lies a giant mountain where a temple sits to hold the dragons that were turned to stone by the Druun.


After Sisu defeats the Druun using a magical orb that contained the magic of her siblings (but resulting in the Druun turning all of the dragons, except for Sisu, to stone), Sisu disappeared after using the orb and all of Kumandra were divided and wanted the power of the orb for themselves, resulting Kumandra being turned into 5 separate lands; Heart, Fang, Tail, Talon and Spine. The Land of Heart came into possession of the orb and kept it safe from anyone who wishes to possess it. 5 centuries after this, the current chief of Heart, Benja invited all of the other tribes to his home in hopes of finally ending the rivalry.

At first, his plan goes smoothly as everybody starts to get along, but everything falls apart when the Princess of the Fang Land, Namaari tricks Benja's daughter, Raya into showing her where the orb is located and notifies her people, as well as the other tribes. As they began to fight over the orb, Benja intervenes and gives them the choice of finally unifying together and bring Kumandra back to what it once was. However, he is shot by an arrow and as the tribes fight over the orb, it is dropped on the ground and broken into five pieces. The orb's destruction causes the Druun to reappear and the tribes take their pieces separately and evacuate the island. Raya carries her wounded father alongside her. Benja however tells Raya that she has to save herself and take up the responsibility of retrieving the orb pieces. Soon, Raya evacuates as her father and a lot of his subjects are petrified by the Druun. Heart has therefore become an abandoned island.

Fortunately, 6 years after the disaster, the orb has been put back together by Raya and her new friends Boun from the Tail Land, Noi from the Talon Land and Tong from the Spine Land as well as Namaari, who regrets causing this whole event to happen. When the pieces reunite, it causes the Druun to vanish for good and it also causes a magical rainstorm that reverses the Drunn's magic and turns everyone who was turned to stone back to normal, including the people of Heart and all who abandoned it come back and the lands are finally unified.


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