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Hekapoo is a character who appears in the Disney XD animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is the forger of Dimensional Scissors and one of the members of the Magic High Commission.


Personality and Traits

Hekapoo is normally laid-back and something of a trickster toward beings she considers to be lesser than herself. She tends to be somewhat cocky and condescending at times as well, coming off as a little neurotic. As the creator of dimensional scissors, however, she takes her job very seriously and becomes deeply offended when someone steals or abuses them. Not only does she create the scissors; she also presents them to those who rightfully earn them. Her trials in earning a pair involve having her opponent try to blow out the flame above her head, which is easier said than done.

Physical Appearance

Hekapoo has pale white skin, long red hair with bangs that cover her right eye, orange eyes, pointed ears, and yellow-orange horns. She primarily wears a yellow-orange ballgown, brown high-heeled boots, and a black tiara. A small orange flame constantly burns over her head.

Powers and abilities

  • Forging: Hekapoo is the only known creator of dimensional scissors, which she forges from vats of molten metal.
  • Telekinesis: Hekapoo does not require tools to create new scissors and simply levitates them in place while forging.
  • Pyrokinesis/heat generation: Hekapoo can generate and control fire; this usually manifests as a small flame above her head. She can also channel heat through her hands, hot enough to leave a burn mark on Marco's head.
  • Super speed: Hekapoo can move and run at speeds faster than an average human.
  • Self-duplication: Hekapoo can create multiple clones of herself with the same skills she has. They can only be destroyed by blowing out their flames.
  • Longevity: Hekapoo appears to have a very long lifespan, having gone sixteen years and more without showing any signs of physically aging.
  • Close combat: Hekapoo can use her dimensional scissors as close-combat weapons, wielding each half of a pair of scissors like short swords.
  • Portal manipulation: Hekapoo can control the creation of dimensional portals and prevent them from being open by dimensional scissors and other portal users.


  • It is revealed in "Running with Scissors" that the Dimensional Scissors that Pony Head gave to Star belonged to Hekapoo, and Pony Head stole them.
  • Hekapoo's name is sometimes spelled by series crew members and other sources as "Heckapoo".
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Hekapoo was created by Glossaryck to allow Mewmans to traverse the different dimensions of the multiverse.
  • In "Running with Scissors", Pony Head says that Hekapoo left her scissors in the bathroom at the bounce lounge, indicating that Hekapoo has spent/spends time at the bounce lounge.



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