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Hen Wen is the magical pet pig of Taran and Dallben in Disney's 1985 animated feature film, The Black Cauldron (based on The Chronicles of Prydain book). She has the ability to tell the future, and is the reason the Horned King wants to control her.


The Black Cauldron[]

Hen Wen first appears when Taran brings food out to her prepared by Dallben, then when Taran gives her a bath, she begins to act scared of something. Dallben then has Taran bring her inside where he uses her powers of seeing the future to reveal that the Horned King is searching for the legendary Black Cauldron and when he sees that he knows about Hen Wen's power, he orders Taran to take Hen Wen to a hidden cottage where she would be safe.

On their way there, Hen Wen accidentally slips away and gets captured by the Horned King's two Gwythaints that take her to his castle. Taran breaks in and sees her in chains and being forced by the Horned King's minion Creeper to reveal the location of the cauldron. Taran reunites with her and the Horned King demands that he make her reveal the cauldron's location, but Taran refuses as he promised Dallben he wouldn't reveal it to anyone. The Horned King states that the pig is now of no use to him and orders her to be beheaded, Taran reluctantly agrees and begins to reveal Hen Wen's powers.

Once Upon a Studio[]

In the short, Hen Wen is seen being held by Taran alongside Eilonwy as they listen to Snow White, Fa Mulan, and Asha sing a verse of "When You Wish Upon a Star" and they all join in on singing the last verse as the group photo is successfully taken for Disney's 100th anniversary.


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  • Her name in French is "Tire Lire", which means "Piggy Bank".

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