Henry Burke is the secondary antagonist of Race to Witch Mountain.


As the leader of Project Moon Dust, Burke is assigned by the United States Department of Defense to investigate a UFO that has crashed near Searchlight, Nevada, outside Las Vegas. He and his men seize the ship but find no passengers inside.

The next day, he learned that Sara and Seth, the two aliens that are the passengers of the UFO and are in human forms, have taken service of former mob get-away driver, Jack Bruno, into driving them to a certain destination. He led the pursuit of them which they're able to escape with Bruno's fighting ability and Seth's ability to vary his molecular density.

Later on, he managed to trace a call from Bruno to track down his location to a bar. He called Bruno to convince him to leave him alone to apprehend Sara and Seth, but the latter refused the offer by escaping with them and the former ordered a roadblock to stop them, but Sara uses her telepathy and telekinetics to destroy the cars.

Burke tracked them down at the UFO convention which the group, along with failed scientist Dr. Alex Friedman, escaped once again as they infiltrated his base, Witch Mountain, for the aliens' spaceship. He managed to intercept them but frees Bruno and Friedman as no one will believe their story. He planned an experiment on Sara and Seth so that he can harness their powers. Bruno and Friedman free the aliens and escaped his base alongside them, just as the Siphon attacked the base personnel. During the escape, he had the base locked down to prevent them from escaping but failed as the UFO made its way through the gate.

He survived the encounter with the Siphon and is left to explain to his superiors of what had happened. It could heavily be implied that he was fired for his actions.

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