"Hercules and the Dream Date" is the 27th episode of Hercules: The Animated Series.


Pymoglian, the Prometheus academy art teacher is short, old, decrepit, toothless and far from being what any woman would consider a prime catch. So it comes as something of a surprise to Hercules when he finds out when the woman bringing him his forgotten lunch calling herself Mrs. Pymoglian is a stunningly gorgeous red haired beauty who for all appearances is totally in love with the old man. Icarus explains that she was actually a statue that Pymoglian created that Aphrodite brought to life. Herc, who has been smacked down by every girl he's talked to about going to the upcoming dance (due to his god-strength getting in the way), sees this as the perfect solution. Unfortunately, Herc should have been paying more attention to Pymoglian than his wife in class because his sculpting skills are sub par. Fortunately Aphrodite is there to mold the clay on the demigods' instructions and with her help, Zeus' son sculpts his dream girl: Galatea. Unfortunately, he's so entranced by the outer beauty of her that he glosses over the personality, simply requesting that she be 'crazy about him'. When Aphrodite brings Galatea to life, Icarus places some pots he made under her, bringing them to life as well and passes them off as his and Cassandra's children.

Crazy is all too appropriate. She's not just in love, Galatea is clingy, obsessive, and insanely jealous, to the point of threatening any girl who shows the smallest interest in "her man". Not good, since she still possesses an amorphic clay body, which she can fashion into a variety of deadly forms, as seen when she threatens to rip out Helen's vocal cords if she even looks at him again, and when Adonis insults Hercules for having him and Galatea win the election for King and Queen of the Aphrodisia Dance by unanimous vote, though Adonis voted for himself, Galatea, using her clay body, rewrote all the ballots earlier. This all leads to a confrontation resulting in Cassandra and Icarus saving him and forcing Hercules to dump Galatea both figuratively and literally, which leaves Herc going to the dance alone again. As for the King and Queen, Adonis used his influence to buy the election and have him and Helen as King and Queen respectively. At the dance, Galatea attacks once again, forcing Hercules to harden the clay in her body until she cannot move. Just in time, as Aphrodite appears, hoping Hercules learned the lesson that you can't just create the perfect partner. She comforts Hercules, who guessed that his teacher was more careful with his wish. Pymoglian says he didn't and that she's as loony as Galatea was, but doesn't care, saying that a woman that looks like her being with a man that looks like him is too good a thing to care about a little clingy craziness.

"The wife's as looney as they come! But look at her! Look at me! Ya see ME complaining?" He's then carried off in his wives clay tentacles, giggling happily. Aphrodite puts a hand on Hercules' shoulder, consoling him that not 'everyone' gets the lesson.



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