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This is a list of episodes from 1998-1999 animated television series, Hercules.

The series made it's premiere on August 31, 1998, a year after the film was released in 1997. The original voice cast returned to reprise their roles except, Rip Torn as Zeus and Danny DeVito as Philoctetes. They were replaced by Corey Burton and Robert Costanzo respectively.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 52 August 31, 1998 March 1, 1999
2 13 September 12, 1998 January 16, 1999

Season One (Syndication)

Ep# Title Air Date Prod. #
1 "Hercules and the Apollo Mission" August 31, 1998 4347-017
After being given a job he feels is worthless at the Gyro Shop, Zeus gives Hercules a job working for Apollo as new driver of the sun chariot. Meanwhile, the ever-scheming Hades sends Pain and Panic to unchain the sun from its chariot, bringing it to the Underworld, and leaving earth in darkness, causing panic and rioting. Now Hercules and Icarus must get the sun back into the sky before Hades is voted new king of Olympus.
2 "Hercules and the King of Thessaly" September 1, 1998 4347-005
When King Salmoneus impersonates Zeus, the king of the gods smites him for his gall. The good people of Thessaly, however, turn to Hercules for leadership and crown him as their new king instead. Meanwhile, Salmoneus schemes with Pain and Panic to get his throne back.
3 "Hercules and the Secret Weapon" September 2, 1998 4347-007
Ares hatches a plan to overthrow his sister Athena's (Jane Leeves) city-state and demands an ultimate weapon of destruction from Hephaestus, resulting in the creation of the Armageddon Bow. Knowing the weapon's capability and devastation it could cause, Athena asks Hercules to help find and destroy it.
4 "Hercules and the Assassin" September 3, 1998 n/a
When an assassination attempt on Pericles (Earl Hindman) overlaps with Hercules' theft of a dangerous weapon from Phil's collection to impress an Amazonian warrior, Tempest, it is Phil who is framed for the deed.
5 "Hercules and the Big Kiss" September 4, 1998 4347-027
Cassandra has a dreadful vision of kissing Icarus and makes a deal with Hades to prevent it. Meanwhile, Hercules appeals to Aphrodite, goddess of love, who gives him arrows to shoot at Cassandra to make her fall in love with Icarus, leading to a series of interesting misunderstandings.
6 "Hercules and the River Styx" September 7, 1998 4347-016
Hercules, after failing several times in Shop Class with Icarus's father, Daedalus, becomes fed up and quits, calling it useless and thus insulting Icarus. Meanwhile, Hades forms an alliance with his brother Poseidon to move the River Styx (the edge of Hades' domain) to include Greece. All the heroes are punished by Hades with what they hate most – for Hercules, Shop Class. Now, with Hades ruling Greece, the Underworld and the Seas, Hercules must take back his comments about Shop and use Daedalus' teachings to stop Hades.
7 "Hercules and the Techno Greeks" September 8, 1998 4347-009
Hercules finds himself hired by a bunch of nerdy, "abacus geeks" from the city-state of the Techno Greeks, to protect their town from rampaging centaurs and their leader, Tempest.
8 "Hercules and the World's First Doctor" September 9, 1998 4347-003
Hippocrates, the father of medicine, comes to Athens and makes Hercules and Icarus his assistants for a week. Meanwhile, Hades, fearing a successful doctor will reduce the number of the dead, tricks Hercules into spreading The Plague throughout Athens.
9 "Hercules and the Pool Party" September 10, 1998 4347-024
Hades invites all the gods, except Trivia, to a pool party in the Underworld, causing them to gain amnesia after swimming in the Pool of Forgetfulness. With the world in disarray over the gods absence, Hercules must find a way to restore their memories and stop Hades as he plots to take control of Mount Olympus.
10 "Hercules and the Prince of Thrace" September 11, 1998 4347-028
When Adonis wants a swimming pool, his servants awaken Gaia during construction. Angered by this, she curses Adonis to die before nightfall, who, in turn, begs Hercules for help.
11 "Hercules and the Tapestry of Fate" September 14, 1998 4347-030
Icarus' idea backfires when he and Hercules visit the Fates to persuade them into redoing their tellings so they can get concert tickets. However, when the Fates refuse, Icarus takes things into his own hands and gets the tickets anyway.
12 "Hercules and the Living Legend" September 15, 1998 4347-031
Hades enlists the aid of former hero Achilles to help him distract Phil from his trainings with Hercules, by returning Achilles to his former glory.
13 "Hercules and the Return of Typhon" September 16, 1998 4347-042
A three-day weekend festival celebrating Zeus' victory over the Titans is the place to be, but when Hercules accidentally frees the titan Typhon, the festivities are short lived.
14 "Hercules and the Owl of Athens" September 17, 1998 4347-025
Ares sends his two sons, Fear and Terror, to kidnap Athena's Owl of Wisdom when she angers him. Athena then entrusts the magical bird to Hercules for protection.
15 "Hercules and the Girdle of Hippolyte" September 18, 1998 4347-045
Queen Hippolyte kidnaps her daughter, Tempest, and makes her undergo a savage initiation ceremony to regain her status as an Amazonian warrior and to earn the right to wear the Golden Girdle. Meanwhile, Hercules follows in a misunderstood rescue attempt.
16 "Hercules and the Bacchanal" September 21, 1998 4347-015
Phil needs a house sitter, so that he can go to a convention and Hercules volunteers to watch. However, things go from bad to worse when Hercules throws a party and is busted by Poseidon.
17 "Hercules and the Underworld Takeover" September 23, 1998 4347-020
Hecate plots to overthrow Hades and take over the Underworld, ousting Pain and Panic in the process. The two minions appeal to Hercules, asking him for help, while convincing him to restore Hades back to the throne - with Hades being the lesser of the two evils.
18 "Hercules and the Comedy of Arrows" September 29, 1998
Icarus poses as Cupid so he can get a love arrow to make Cassandra fall in love him, but he accidentally uses "loathe" arrows instead. Meanwhile, Pain and Panic get a hold of the loathe arrows and wreak havoc all over the country.
19 "Hercules and the Hostage Crisis" October 2, 1998 4347-044
A group, representing the imprisoned Titans, takes students at Prometheus Academy hostage, with Hercules as their prisoner.
20 "Hercules and the Disappearing Heroes" October 5, 1998 4347-043
Hecate kidnaps all of the great heroes, with plans to transfer their greatness into a newly created monster.
21 "Hercules and the Argonauts" October 8, 1998 4347-046
Hercules meets Jason, the Argonaut: a great hero and one of the most patient men of all time, having spent many years searching for the Golden Fleece and not having found it yet. Jason invites Hercules along for the journey, giving him the chance to seek the Fleece with him.
22 "Hercules and the Drama Festival" October 14, 1998 4347-026
When the Academy puts on a play for the gods, Hades instructs Pain and Panic to carve out a magical rock that will make all the Gods go to sleep, using Icarus as bait.
23 "Hercules and the Phil Factor" October 16, 1998 4347-051
When Phil suffers a mid-life crisis, he abandons his training program, quits as Hercules' mentor and gets a job selling door-to-door spears. Hercules, realizing how bad this is, convinces him to come home.
24 "Hercules and the All Nighter" October 21, 1998 4347-048
In order to stay up all night to study for exams, the boys go to see Morpheus and ask him to hold off on sleep for a little while. Morpheus rejects the idea, but when Hercules accidentally puts him to sleep, Greece and parts of Persia are doomed to stay awake.
25 "Hercules and the Song of Circe" October 29, 1998 4347-021
While on Spring Break, everyone is enjoying themselves - with the exception of Cassandra - who is content on reading despite Icarus' determined efforts to get her attention. When she finally vents her frustration, he sobs in Hercules' arms and is charmed by the mysterious Circe.
26 "Hercules and the Trojan War" October 30, 1998 4347-037
The Trojan War occurs in the form of a high school rivalry between Prometheus Academy and their Trojan rivals. When a Helen, the Homecoming Queen is "kidnapped" meant as a harmless prank, the student take to rescuing her by sneaking into the Trojan's school via a giant wooden horse.
27 "Hercules and the Dream Date" November 2, 1998 4347-019
When Hercules needs a date for the upcoming dance, he appeals to Aphrodite to make a statue of Galatea come to life. Because he asked that her personality would be "crazy about him", Galatea is increasingly obsessive about Hercules, and becomes a clingy nightmare for him.
28 "Hercules and the Big Games" November 4, 1998 4347-052
When Ares and Athena get into another argument, Zeus has their feud take the form of a sports contest: the Olympic Games, which should settle the fight between Athens and Sparta. Hercules then has his hands full when Hades persuades Echidna - the Mother of all Monsters - to bring her hungry kids to the stadium for a "heroic" feast.
29 "Hercules and the Jilt Trip" November 6, 1998 4347-049
Hercules' heart is broken when his girlfriend - of only three days - breaks up with him. Phil decides to take him on a trip to take his mind off of things. Hercules, however, meets Lavinia on this trip who is eager to get married--to him! Not only does he have to say 'No', but her previous boyfriend happens to be the same guy Hercules crossed earlier on that same trip.
30 Hercules and the Falling Stars" November 10, 1998 4347-054
Hercules frees the constellation Orion, who comes down to earth to give him archery lessons. However, when the rest of the constellations pour down from the sky and start attacking the neighboring city-states, Orion and Hercules have a lot of explaining to do.
31 "Hercules and the Golden Touch" November 12, 1998 4347-056
Hercules journeys to the Kingdom of Lycia to stop King Midas from turning all he touches into gold.
32 "Hercules and the Minotaur" November 13, 1998 4347-038
Daedalus, famous inventor-architect and Icarus' dad, is commissioned by King Minos of Crete to build the Labyrinth. Both Daedalus and Icarus travel to Crete to complete the project, unaware that it will soon house a terrible monster for the King's pleasure.
33 "Hercules and the Son of Poseidon" November 16, 1998 4347-061
Triton, Poseidon's son, arrives at Prometheus Academy and Hercules does his best to help him fit in. However, when things don't go over smoothly, Hercules leaves Triton, who then steals his father's staff to wield a power on campus.
34 "Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods" November 18, 1998 4347-036
Loki recruits Hercules for the position of Thunder God; but what Loki does not explain is that he is planning a cosmic takeover and exploits Hercules' strength and naivety to free Nimmelfir, thus bringing on Ragnarök: the Twilight of the Gods.
35 "Hercules and the Griffin" November 20, 1998 4347-008
The gang visits a retirement home, where they're each assigned a senior citizen to befriend. In an effort to connect with his assigned person, an old Griffin, Hercules accidentally reveals the treasured diamond the Griffin had been guarding for years; subsequently, the mountain gnomes king steals it.
36 "Hercules and the King For a Day" November 24, 1998 4347-057
Phil wants to impress his mom, so Pan, King of the Satyrs and Phil's brother, offers him to be a king for a day. However, Pan actually just wants to avoid the divine retribution of Nemesis, who sees claims of being a king as hubris.
37 "Hercules and the Pegasus Incident" November 25, 1998 4347-064
Pegasus flies off angrily and meets a new master; the two then become a great monster-battling team, leaving Hercules heartbroken over the loss of his friend.
38 "Hercules and the Big Sink" December 11, 1998 4347-053
Soothsayer Cassandra predicts that Atlantis will sink. King Croesus, the richest man in the world, bribes the gods and the fates to kill her for ruining his casino business, since everyone is now panicking and no ones is gambling.
39 "Hercules and the Big Lie" December 16, 1998 4347-058
Icarus is eager to take Hercules to the child-like Miklos Extravaganza, but Hercules lies to save himself from being embarrassed in front of the new girl by saying he's terminally ill. Upset over the news, Icarus goes to find the cure in the backyard of the giant "Briarius", who doesn't like tresspassers.
40 "Hercules and the Prom" December 21, 1998 4347-063
Hercules, in an effort to impress Tempest, promises that teen idol Orpheus will be at their prom. She promises to go with him if he is, or else cut off his arm; Cassandra meanwhile promises to do the same and slow dance with Icarus if Orpheus comes. Hades has promised his newest recruit Laistrygones, a concert from Orpheus.. in the Underworld.
41 "Hercules and the Spartan Experience" January 4, 1999 4347-047
Adonis is drafted into the Spartan ROTC, and begs Hercules to save him. So Hercules and Icarus join him, disguised as soldiers, only for Icarus to excel at training.
42 "Hercules and the Complex Electra" January 13, 1999 4347-033
Hercules falls for Electra, and takes on a different personality to get her to like him.
43 "Hercules and the Long Nightmare" February 8, 1999
Morpheus' younger brother, Phantasos, makes a blanket of nightmares to give to everyone because he feels that he should have been made God of Sleep instead of Morpheus. The mortals' nightmares start to concern all the Gods on Olympus and task it to Hercules and Phil to stop Phantasos in their own shared dreams.
44 "Hercules and the Arabian Night" February 10, 1999
Hades revives Aladdin's archenemy, the evil sorcerer Jafar, to destroy Hercules for him. Hades also sends Pain and Panic to destroy Aladdin and show Jafar how it's done. They also try to pit Aladdin and Hercules against each other.
45 "Hercules and the Aetolian Amphora" February 12, 1999
46 "Hercules and the Romans" February 15, 1999 4347-066
47 "Hercules and the Yearbook" February 17, 1999 4347-070
48 "Hercules and the Odyssey Experience" February 19, 1999
49 "Hercules and the Grim Avenger" February 22, 1999 4347-062
50 "Hercules and the Spring of Canathus" February 24, 1999
51 "Hercules and the Big Show" February 26, 1999 4347-071
52 "Hercules and the Tiff on Olympus" March 1, 1999

Season 2 (ABC)

The following are episodes that aired on the ABC television network.

Ep# Title Air Date Prod. #
1 "Hercules and the First Day of School" (ABC) September 12, 1998 4347-001
2 "Hercules and the Visit from Zeus" (ABC) September 19, 1998 4347-011
3 "Hercules and the Driving Test" (ABC) September 26, 1998 4347-004
4 "Hercules and the Parent's Weekend" (ABC) October 3, 1998 4347-012
5 "Hercules and the Prometheus Affair" (ABC) October 10, 1998 4347-018
6 "Hercules and the Hero of Athens" (ABC) October 17, 1998 4347-023
7 "Hercules and the Caledonian Boar" (ABC) October 31, 1998 4347-029
8 "Hercules and the Epic Adventure" (ABC) November 7, 1998 4347-022
9 "Hercules and the Poseidon's Cup Adventure" (ABC) November 14, 1998 4347-013
10 "Hercules and the Muse of Dance" (ABC) November 21, 1998 4347-034
11 "Hercules and the Kids" (ABC) November 28, 1998 4347-040
12 "Hercules and the Gorgon" (ABC) January 9, 1999 4347-035
13 "Hercules and the Green-Eyed Monster" (ABC) January 16, 1999 4347-059

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