Education is the real magic.
―Hexisde brochure

Hexside School of Magic and Demonics is a magic school that appears in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House. It is the Boiling Isles' prestigious high school for witches, demons and magic folk.


Hexside was built on the ruins of its rival school, which it conquered. When new students are enrolled, they have to know two spells in order to attend standard classes otherwise they will be put in the baby class. This decision is carried out when new students take a placement exam and prove they have mastered two spells.

Like the rest of the Isles, school life at Hexside can be dangerous and life threatening. Students in the Plant track, for example, care for wild plants that are dangerous and can eat them. Same goes for students in Beast Keeping. When students misbehave, they are sent to "detention", which is a giant pit with worm creatures that entrap students in brainwashing bubbles to make them good.

The standard school uniform is a gray tunic with a dark gray belt, hoodie and boots. The color of the sleeves and leggings depends on which track a student belongs to.


Students at Hexside are separated into different covens depending on what kind of magic they are learning. Each coven has its own unique color and power glyph associated with it, as shown on banners and school outfits. There are 9 main covens as well as many other lesser covens with the exception of the Emperor's Coven which is the highest coven. Joining a coven seals off a witch's ability to perform any magic other than that of their chosen coven.

  • Red - Bard. Its power glyph is shaped like a harp.
  • Orange - Beast keeping. Its power glyph is a pig hatching from an egg.
  • Yellow - Potionists. Its power glyph is a potion bottle.
  • Green - Plants. Its power glyph is a plant vase.
  • Light Blue - Illusions. Its power glyph is a mirror.
  • Blue - Healing. Its power glyph is a wrapped hand.
  • Purple - Oracle. Its power glyph is an eye.
  • Orchid - Abomination. Its power glyph is a face of an abomination.
  • Brown - Construction. Its power glyph is a fist.
  • Gray - Detention.
  • Silver - Starter. No coven selected.

Notable Staff and Students



  • Willow Park (Plant track)
  • Gus Porter (Illusion tack)
  • Amity Blight (Abomination track)
  • Boscha (Potionists)
  • Emira and Edric Blight (Illusion track)
  • Luz Noceda (All tracks)
  • Mattholomule (Construction track)
  • Viney (Healing/Beast Keeping track)
  • Jerbo (Plant/Abomination track)
  • Barcus (Oracle/Potionist)
  • Skara (Bard track)
  • Amelia (Plant track)
  • Bo (Healing track)
  • Cat (Healingtrack)
  • Eileen (Potionists track)

Former Students


  • Hexside seems to take inspiration from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry of the Harry Potter book series, which is also about students attending a magic school, each separated into four houses all with their own color.
  • Hexside has a school team called The Banshees.
  • Luz is the only student to not wear black boots with her uniform, instead wearing her regular shoes.


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