"Little Hiawatha" (or simply Hiawatha is a little Indian hunter who hunts for game and the main protagonist in the Silly Symphony of the same name.


Little Hiawatha

Hiawatha is first seen rowing in his canoe across the canoes across the falls of Minneha'ha. Encountering a bluebird and a robin, Hiawatha prepares to fire his arrow but the animals tell them not to hurt them. Upon passing through a whirlpool, Hiawatha arrives on a stop and falls on water where the raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, and other woodland creatures laugh at him. Approaching the animals, Hiawatha tries to fire his arrow at them but they end up running away. Hiawatha sees strange animal tracks to which he sees a grasshopper he is about to hunt. Hiawatha attempts to take him down but the grasshopper fools him and later chases a small rabbit to which he surrounds him as he attempts to take him down but instead shoos him away in which the rabbit is reunited to his family due to his big heart, as he spares the innocent rabbit.

Upon sparing the rabbit, Hiawatha breaks his arrow as the animals cheer for him that he will not harm any other animal he encounters. He accidentally encounters a bear cub alongside an adult bear which suddenly chases him across the woods while three beavers notice that Hiawatha is in danger sounding the alarm to the woodland creatures. As Hiawatha is being chased, the raccoons, beavers, opossums, and the other animals manage to save him from the bear. He then returns to his canoe as the animals bid a farewell to him.



  • Fantasy on Parade (1977)
  • Hiawatha, the Brave Hunter (1979)
  • Hiawatha's Bear Hunt (1982)
  • Hiawatha and the Big Flood (1984)
  • Hiawatha's Kind Heart (1986)
  • Walt Disney's Story A Day - Summer (1986)
    • August 14 - The Wishing Well
  • Walt Disney's Story A Day - Autumn (1986)
    • September 6 - Little Hiawatha's Canoe
    • September 26 - Little Hiawatha's Headdress
  • Disney's My Very First Dictionary (1989)
  • Little Hiawatha (1990)

Other appearances

Little Hiawatha, along with Max Hare and Toby Tortoise, appears in the opening number "Mickey Mouse Club March" where they briefly appear on stars (though only their heads are shown).


  • A running gag found in his cartoon is his pants occasionally falls down.
  • During the 1940s, Disney pursued the idea of a proper adaptation of the original Song of Hiawatha story, but this project fell through and was cancelled in 1949. Artwork produced for the project would inspire Pocahontas years later.


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