Hickory Dickory Mickey is a Mickey Mouse short that was originally featured in the House of Mouse series premiere, "The Stolen Cartoons".


Goofy calls Mickey to ask him to take him to the airport in the morning. Mickey owes Goofy a favor for breaking him out of prison long ago and accepts this favor. Since Mickey claims his digital clock is broken, Goofy lends Mickey an alarm clock so Mickey can get up early. Unfortunately, the clock doesn't stop ticking while he tries to sleep, and all of his attempts to drown out the clock's noise only make it worse, causing Mickey to have a nightmare of two of six different things (one red and one green and they are paddleballs bouncing, drums beating, balloons popping, hammers pounding on anvils, cymbals smashing, and bombs exploding) making the same rhythm as the ticking. He makes several attempts to get rid of the clock, including mailing it back to Goofy, sending it to the continent of Australia, the planet Mars, back in time to 1928, and even the depths of Hades, but to no avail, and he has another nightmare about the tick-tocking.

When morning comes, an exhausted Mickey picks up Goofy and drives him to the airport. Ironically, the airport was right next to Goofy's house. Mickey gets furious and kicks Goofy out of the car, much to his confusion.


  • Mickey and Goofy's flashback is an homage to one of Mickey's black and white cartoons from the 1930s. The flashback was most likely to be inspired by the Mickey Mouse short The Chain Gang, a cartoon where Mickey is a portrayed as a jail prisoner.
  • The song the clock dances to on the radio is "Steamboat Bill", the tune Mickey whistles in Steamboat Willie.
  • Mickey tries to send the clock back in time to 1928, the year he was first created.
  • The title is a reference to the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock, which features a mouse and a clock.
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