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Hidden Mickey is an online game at Disney.com based on the Mickey Mouse episode "No Service".


Mickey and donald got to eat hot dogs on the board walk, when The server Points to a sign that says, No shirt, No pants, no Hotdogs. Donald want mickey's pant, and Mickey wants Donald's Shirt. They fight and Donald Ends up with Mickey's Pants.


You have to play as mickey and not be seen by others. You also have to collect all the coins before going to the next level. Every time you get seen, your health lowers a bit, but there are characters who will take a lot of health if you get seen by them, such as Pete or Goofy.


After the last level, Mickey return to get his pants back and He also got Donald's Shirt. Mickey is seen walking away with Minne, while Donald Hides, Hinting that There might be a Hidden Donald game.

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