Disney's High School Musical: A Seleção (Disney's High School Musical: The Selection) is a reality television game show, which debuted March 15, 2008 on Disney Channel Brazil.

Its objective is to find an actor and an actress to perform in the movie High School Musical Brazil. Its aired on Saturdays, at 7 PM and its aired on Canal SBT too.

Renata Ferreira and Olavo Cavalheiro were named the winners on the Season Finale, where it was June 21, 2008. Paula Barbosa and Felipe Guadanucci, were the runners-up.


Function Judge
Dancing Tati Sanches
Singing Ronnie Kneblewski
Acting Jonathas Joba

Top 18 Contestants

Male Female
Name Age Hometown Status
Renata Ferreira 22 Rio de Janeiro Winner
Olavo Cavalheiro 17 São Paulo Winner
Paula Barbosa 22 Belo Horizonte Runner-Up
Fellipe Guadanucci 23 São Paulo Runner-Up
Karolina Cândido 20 Belo Horizonte Eliminated in Episode 15
Moroni Cruz 19 Balneário Camboriú Eliminated in Episode 15
Beatriz Machado 23 São Paulo Eliminated in Episode 15
Samuel Nascimento 21 Guarulhos Eliminated in Episode 15
Pamela Otero 22 São Paulo Eliminated in Episode 12
Júnior Wolt 23 São Paulo Eliminated in Episode 12
Lenora Hage 22 Rio de Janeiro Eliminated in Episode 10
João Victor Amado 22 Santos Eliminated in Episode 10
Carolina Calheiros 21 São José dos Campos Eliminated in Episode 09
Bernardo Falcone 22 Rio de Janeiro Eliminated in Episode 09
Yasmim Manaia 17 Santos Eliminated in Episode 08
Eduardo Gil 23 Rio de Janeiro Eliminated in Episode 08
Alessandra Rocha 24 São Paulo Eliminated in Episode 07
Luiz Daniel Bianchin 19 Foz do Iguaçu Eliminated in Episode 07

Call-out order

Ronnie’s Callout Order
Order Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13 Ep 14 Ep 15
01 Eduardo Karol Karol Paula Renata Pamela Júnior Samuel Moroni Beatriz Paula Renata
02 Moroni Yasmim Yasmim Karol Lenora Paula Fellipe Olavo Renata Samuel Fellipe Olavo
03 Pamela Olavo Olavo Júnior Victor Olavo Samuel Renata Olavo Paula Renata Paula
04 Victor Carolina Beatriz Victor Olavo Júnior Moroni Paula Karol Olavo Olavo Fellipe
05 Karol Beatriz Eduardo Carolina Moroni Samuel Olavo Fellipe Samuel Renata Karol
06 Bernardo Eduardo Samuel Bernardo Paula Renata Pamela Karol Paula Fellipe Moroni
07 Renata Samuel Renata Fellipe Júnior Fellipe Karol Moroni Fellipe Karol Beatriz
08 Fellipe Renata Fellipe Lenora Karol Beatriz Paula Beatriz Beatriz Moroni Samuel
09 Paula Fellipe Moroni Moroni Beatriz Moroni Beatriz Júnior
10 Olavo Moroni Lenora Beatriz Fellipe Karol Renata Pamela
11 Beatriz Daniel Paula Samuel Pamela Victor
12 Samuel Lenora Júnior Renata Samuel Lenora
13 Carolina Paula Pamela Olavo Carolina
14 Daniel Júnior Bernardo Beatriz Bernardo
15 Lenora Pamela Carolina Eduardo
16 Júnior Bernardo Victor Yasmim
17 Yasmim Victor Leka
18 Leka Leka Daniel
Gold - The contestant was in bottom 3
Pink - The contestant was in bottom 2
Red - The contestant was eliminated
Green - The contestant won the competition


  • Contestants with the most collective bottom two appearances: Carolina, Victor & Moroni, 2 times
  • Contestants with the most consecutive bottom two appearances: Beatriz & Moroni, 2 times
  • Contestants with the most collective bottom three appearances: Beatriz, 3 times
  • Contestants with the most consecutive bottom three appearances: Beatriz & Samuel, 2 times
  • Contestants with no bottom three appearance: Paula
  • Contestants with no bottom two appearance: Paula, Fellipe & Renata
  • Contestants with most collective first callouts: Karol, Paula, & Renata, 2 times
  • Contestants with most consecutive first callouts: Karol, 2 times
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