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High School Musical 2 is the soundtrack album for the Disney Channel Original Movie of the same name. It is the third best selling album of 2007, behind Josh Groban's Noël and Daughtry's Daughtry in the U.S.

Debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, Amazon.com, and iTunes Store, the album sold 615,000 copies in its initial week of release. As of September 2007, this figure amounted to the fourth-biggest first week sales of the year. It is the first soundtrack of a television movie to debut at the Billboard summit. The album also shipped double platinum (2,000,000) copies in the U.S. in its first week of release. As of December 2007, the album has shipped 3 million copies in the U.S. and more than 6 million worldwide. And as of February 2011, the album has sold nearly 7 million copies worldwide.

The Wal-Mart Exclusive of the album was released on August 14, 2007, and contained the original soundtrack (albeit in a slightly different order) and an extra DVD, which seemingly contains most (if not all) episodes of "Road to High School Musical". The 2-disc Collector's edition version of the album released in Singapore on December 3, 2007.

Chart performance

The album was the number-one most downloaded album on iTunes and Amazon.com on its first day of release, and remained so a week later.

The album debuted at #1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 with sales of 615,000 copies, the fourth best first-week sales of 2007 (trailing behind Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight, 50 Cent's Curtis, and Kanye West's Graduation). The set also claims the biggest first-week sales for a television soundtrack. It remained at number-one in its second, third, and fourth weeks, selling 367,000 copies in its second, 210,000 copies in its third, and 165,000 copies in its fourth. The soundtrack is the first album in over two years to spend four consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200.

After spending four consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard 200, the album dropped to number four, following the releases of 50 Cent's Curtis, Kanye West's Graduation, and Kenny Chesney's Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates.

In its fifteenth week on the Billboard 200, during November 2007, High School Musical 2 returned to the top 10 with a 130% sales increase (183,000 copies), bringing it to #6 and making it 2007's best-selling album, ahead of Daughtry. However, Daughtry held onto the spot, becoming 2007's biggest selling album

Track listing

  1. What Time Is It? - High School Musical 2 cast
  2. Fabulous - Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel
  3. Work This Out - High School Musical 2 cast (Except Tisdale and Gabreel)
  4. You Are The Music in Me - Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Olesya Rulin*
  5. I Don't Dance - Grabeel, Corbin Bleu
  6. You Are the Music in Me (reprise) - Tisdale, Efron
  7. Gotta Go My Own Way - Hudgens, Efron
  8. Bet On It - Efron
  9. Everyday - Efron, Hudgens
  10. All for One - High School Musical 2 cast
  11. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - Tisdale, Grabeel
  • Olesya Rulin is featured in the song "You Are the Music in Me", but her name isn't officially credited.
  • Lucas Grabeel recorded a song "You Got It" that is played in the movie. The song plays when Sharpay and Ryan pull up to the country club. The song is available to buy on iTunes and received heavily airplay on Radio Disney. However, it was never released physically. The song was first heard on Lucas Grabeel's MySpace page, but the song is a demo.
  • On November 18, 2007, High School Musical 2 was awarded Best Soundtrack Album at the 35th Annual American Music Awards.

Brazilian version

  1. Você é a Música em Mim - Thiago Fragoso feat. Itauana Ciribelli
  2. Vou Ser Do Jeito Que Eu Sou - Lissah Martins

2-disc Collector's edition

For a limited time, Wal-Mart retailer stores only released an exclusive two-disc collector's edition of High School Musical 2. It included the soundtrack and a bonus DVD. The collector's edition is now available in the Philippines on the same release date of the soundtrack of High School Musical 3: Senior Year after Universal Music Limited became the newest licensee of Walt Disney Records in the said country. It includes:

Disc 1

  1. What Time Is It? - High School Musical 2 cast
  2. Fabulous - Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel
  3. Work This Out - High School Musical 2 cast
  4. You Are the Music in Me - Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Olesya Rulin*
  5. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - Tisdale, Grabeel
  6. I Don't Dance - Grabeel, Corbin Bleu
  7. You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay version) - Tisdale, Efron
  8. Gotta Go My Own Way - Hudgens, Efron
  9. Bet on It - Efron
  10. Everyday - Efron, Hudgens
  11. All for One - High School Musical 2 cast
  • Featuring exclusive footage of the cast recording and rehearsal sessions (45 minutes).
  • High School Musical 2 Cast autographed mini-cards
  • Special foil package with special insert lyric booklet

Other releases

High School Musical 2 Non-Stop Dance Party

Main article: High School Musical 2: Non-Stop Dance Party

Walt Disney Records released a remix album of all the High School Musical 2 tracks. It was released on December 26, 2007 in the U.S. and on December 24, 2007 in the UK and Southeast Asia. All songs are remixed by Jason Nevins. High School Musical 2: Non-Stop Dance Party reached number-one in the U.S. Top Electronic Albums chart in January 2008.

Box set

A box set called High School Musical: The Complete Collection, was released on November 20, 2007. It includes six discs. They include the High School Musical original soundtrack, High School Musical 2 original soundtrack, High School Musical Karaoke Vol. 1, High School Musical 2 Karaoke Vol. 2 and the High School Musical: The Concert CD/DVD.

High School Musical 2: Hindi Version

Times Music from India, launched a special Hindi 2-disc Special Edition Soundtrack of the original High School Musical 2 soundtrack. It contains an extra special disc with three special inspired songs from the famous music director trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy. These include "All for One" ("Aaaja Nachle"), "Ud Chale" and "Chhoti Si". These songs were also remixed by DJ Suketu and arranged by Aks. The soundtrack was released (as two disk collection) on October 26, 2007 and the movie (dubbed in Hindi) was aired on Disney Channel India on December 7, 2007. Two music videos from the special disc aired on Disney Channel India. The two are Ud Chale and "All for One" ("Aaja Nachle"). The music video for Ud Chale has three friends and together they explore the night sky. In All for One, many people bring their emotions to dance.

Charts and certifications


Chart (2007) Peak
Argentine Top 50 Albums Chart 1
Australian ARIA Albums Chart 4
Belgium IFPI Albums Chart 48
Canadian Top 100 Albums Chart 1
European Top 100 Albums 6
French Albums Chart 12
German Top 100 Albums Chart 5
Greek International Albums Chart 10
Italian Compilations Chart 1
Mexican Top 100 Albums Chart 2
New Zealand RIANZ Albums Chart 3
Norwegian Top 40 Albums Chart 4
Polish Top 50 Albums Chart 2
Swedish comprehensive chart 10
Swiss Top 100 Albums Chart 6
UK Compilation Albums Chart* 1
U.S. Billboard 200 1

* In the UK, multi-artist compilations are not eligible to the Top 200 Artist Albums chart.


Year-end charts

Year Country Chart Rank
2007 Germany IFPI #69
2008 #49

International versions

These are international versions of the songs of High School Musical 2.

Song Original title Language Singer(s)
"¿Qué Viene Aquí?" "What Time Is It?" Latin Spanish High School Musical: La selección cast
"1+1=11" Mandarin GoGoClub (兄弟联)
"Que Tempo È Esse?" Portuguese (Brazil) High School Musical: A Seleção cast
"Szerelemnyár" Hungarian Zentai Mark & Rozman Alexandra
"Du Er Mit Livs Melodi" "You Are the Music in Me" Danish Rebekka & Simon Matthew
"Ez A Mi Dalunk Már" Hungarian Zentai Mark & Rozman Alexandra
"Du Er Musikken I Meg" Norwegian Julia Geitvik & Lars Berteig Andersen
"Eres La Música En Mí" Latin Spanish Valeria Gastaldi & Dani Martins (Argentina)
"Eres La Música En Mí" Latin Spanish Roger González & Paulina Holguín García (México)
"Eres La Música En Mí" Latin Spanish Gaston Vietto & Valeria Varoni (High School Musical: La Selección Argentina)
"You Are the Music in Me" English (Malaysia) Vince Chong & Jaclyn Victor
"Kau Muzik Di Hatiku"(Meaning:"You Are The Music In My Heart") Malay
"You are the music in me" Japanese Nami Tamaki
"Você é a música em mim" Portuguese Itauana Ciribelli & Thiago Fragoso
"Du Bist Wie Musik" German Ben & Kate Hall
"De Stem Van Mijn Hart" Dutch Thomas Berge & Tess Gaerthé
"Tu Sei La Musica In Me" Italian Pquadro
"İçimdeki Müzik Sensin" Turkish Keremcem
"Moja Muzyka To Ty" Polish Hania Stach & Andrzej Lampert
"Du är Musiken I Mig" Swedish Molly Sandén & Ola Svensson
"Eu Não Danço" "I Don't Dance" Portuguese Expensive Soul & Bianca
"Eres La Música En Mí (Sharpay Version)" "You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay Version)" Latin Spanish Sofia Aguero Petros & Walter Bruno
"Eres La Música En Mí" Spanish
"Você é a música em mim (Sharpay Version)" Portuguese (Brazil) High School Musical: A Seleção cast
"Por Mi Camino Iré" "Gotta Go My Own Way" Latin Spanish Paulina Holguín García
"Gotta Go My Own Way" English (Philippines) Nikki Gil
"Gotta Go My Own Way" English (Canada) Nikki Yanofsky
"Vou Ser Do Jeito Que Eu Sou" Portuguese Lissah Martins
"Ku Harus Pergi" Indonesia Hime ft BrandonM
"Savoir Qui Je Suis" French Lââm
"Je Dois Tout Faire À Ma Manière" French (Canada) Nikki Yanofsky
"必殺技" (Bi Sha Ji) "Bet on It" Mandarin
Show Luo
"Var Misin?" Turkish Keremcem
"Double Mise" French Willy Denzey
"Fei jiu fei(飛就飛)"(Meaning:"Fly If You Want") "Everyday" Cantonese Justin Lo & Kary Ng
"Io E Te" Italian Mafy & Pquadro
"Cada Vez"" Latin Spanish Mariana & Cristóbal (High School Musical: La Selección México)
"Cada Vez" Latin Spanish Fernando Dente & Agustina Vera (High School Musical: La Selección Argentina)
"Todo El Mundo A Bailar" "All for One" Spanish Mota
"Todos Para Uno" Latin Spanish High School Musical: El desafio cast (Argentina)
"A Nossa Vez" Portuguese Cidade FM Cast

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