High School Musical 3: Senior Year is the soundtrack album for the Walt Disney Pictures film of the same name. It was released on October 24, 2008 in the United States.

Album information

The album sold 297,000 copies in the first week of sales on United States, debuting at #2 on Billboard 200, losing the top to AC/DC's Black Ice. The album sold over 1.3 million copies in the U.S. and 2,365,000 copies worldwide. In Australia, the soundtrack was accredited Gold on November 6 (within the first week of its release), and was certified Platinum on December 2 - before the film even opened in cinemas across Australia. In Brazil, the album sold more than 60,000 in pre-orders alone and was certified Platinum before the official release. It also sold 97,972 in its first week in the UK, making it the Fastest-Selling Soundtrack Album in the UK.

A two-disc Premiere Edition version of the soundtrack was released on the same day as the standard version. The two-disc soundtrack features the original soundtrack and a DVD with video bonus features. The Premiere Edition was released in a digipak format in selected countries. On October 15, 2008, the 12-track digital version was officially sold on EOLAsia.com in Hong Kong. On October 18, 2008, Radio Disney hosted the Planet Premiere of the original soundtrack and played it on the air in its entirety.

Critical reception

The genius of the "High School Musical" machine becomes more apparent in its third installment—the first for the big screen. As seniors Troy (Zac Efron), Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) and Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) graduate from fictitious East High, they also leave the franchise and attempt to repackage themselves as mainstream pop stars with wider demographic appeal. Meanwhile, new faces like British exchange student Tiara (Jemma McKenzie-Brown) start to sing and dance their way into the hearts of the faithful. The infinitely refreshable series has its musical formula down: Take "Rent"-style modern Broadway, add a kid-friendly dance beat with allusions to current pop, remove all hints of angst or lust. The result is another utopian vision of American teens, made for preteens. But the cast attacks the material with such sell-it-to-the-back-row spunk that anyone who likes a good show can't help but get a kick out of it.
―Billboard Magazine

Lost in the shuffle of the ever-growing High School Musical phenomenon -- growing so big, it can no longer be contained on the Disney Channel, it's now reaching theaters for its third and final installment -- is that the tween-sensation is actually a musical. Which means that despite its pop trappings, the soundtracks consist of full-blown show tunes, songs that serve the story and are sung by the rotating cast. This helps make the movies work, but it sentences the soundtracks to be mere souvenirs of the event, a record for fans to play endlessly, not a means to crossover to a wider pop audience. On HSM3, there are only two songs that stand out as potential pop singles, both not so coincidentally solo showcases for the franchise's two biggest stars, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. Hudgens has the album's best song in the slickly soulful "Walk Away" -- a tune that would have shown up Wilson Phillips circa 1990 -- that she sings better than Efron, whose "Scream" struts like *NSYNC circa 2000. But both are upstaged by stage brat Ashley Tisdale, who shows far more on-record charisma on her fame-hungry showcase "I Want It All," a song that has absolutely no chance of making sense outside of the senior skip-day plot line of High School Musical 3, but Tisdale performs with ingratiating vigor, using every chop she's learned as a stage kid. Of course, those very strengths are well-suited for a musical like High School Musical 3, where the songs are vehicles for showboating performances either on the screen or in a fan's bedroom -- and for those fans, this set, which is similar in every way to its two predecessors, will not disappoint.

Track listing

  1. Now or Never - High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast
  2. Right Here, Right Now - Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens (Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez)
  3. I Want It All - Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel (Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans)
  4. Can I Have This Dance - Efron, Hudgens (Bolton, Montez)
  5. A Night to Remember - High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast
  6. Just Wanna Be with You - Grabeel, Olesya Rulin, Efron, Hudgens, (R. Evans, Kelsi Nielsen, Bolton, Montez)
  7. The Boys Are Back - Corbin Bleu, Efron (Chad Danforth, Bolton)
  8. Walk Away - Hudgens (Montez)
  9. Scream - Efron (Bolton)
  10. Senior Year Spring Musical - High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast (Matt Prokop & Jemma McKenzie-Brown)
  11. We're All in This Together (Graduation Mix) - High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast
  12. High School Musical - High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast

2-Disc Premiere edition

On the same day the soundtrack was released, Walt Disney Records released High School Musical 3: Senior Year 2-Disc Premiere edition Soundtrack, a special two-disc set of the High School Musical 3: Senior Year soundtrack. It was only available for a limited time at participating stores (i.e. Target, Walmart, Costco).

  • Disc 1 - High School Musical 3: Senior Year Soundtrack
  • Disc 2 - Bonus DVD with the following:
    • "Making of a Musical: From the Recording Studio to the Big Screen"
    • "Now or Never" Music Video
    • Official Movie Trailer
      (Running Time: 40 minutes)
  • Special white package with special insert lyric booklet

Bonus tracks

  1. Just Getting Started (Digital download bonus) - Stan Carrizosa
  2. The Boys Are Back UK, Germany, Italy and Portugal bonus track - US5
On iTunes UK a new version of the soundtrack featuring remixes was released to coincide with the films DVD release.
  1. The Boys Are Back (Alternate version) - US5
  2. Just Getting Started - Stan Carrizosa
  3. Now or Never (Remix) - High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast
  4. The Boys Are Back (Remix) - US5
  5. High School Musical 3 Megamix - High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast


Multiple singles were released prior the release of the soundtrack album, with the song being released on digital stores and the music video being played on Disney Channel.

"Now or Never" was the first single released from the soundtrack and is performed by the Cast of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

"I Want It All" was the second single released from the soundtrack and is performed by Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel as Sharpay Evans and Ryan Evans.

"A Night to Remember" was the third single released from the soundtrack and is performed by the cast of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

"Right Here Right Now" was the fourth single released from the soundtrack and is performed by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez.

"High School Musical" was the second single released from the soundtrack in Brazil (The first was "Now or Never") and is performed by the cast of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Charts performance

The album sold 297,000 copies in its first week in the United States, debuting at #2 on Billboard 200. It has currently sold over 1 million copies in the U.S. In Australia, the soundtrack was accredited Gold on 6 November (within the first week of its release) but in Portugal, the soundtrack was accredited Platinum. The album had sold 3,500,000 copies worldwide as of March 2, 2010.


Chart Peak
Australian ARIA Albums Chart 4
Austria Albums Chart 1
Belgium Albums Chart 6
Colombia Tower Records Top 25 5
Denmark Albums Chart 7
European Top 100 Albums 3
French Albums Chart 10
German Albums Charts 3
Greece International Albums Chart 3
Hungary Albums Chart 1
Irish Multi-Artist Albums Chart 1
Italian Compilations Chart 1
New Zealand Albums Chart 1
Norway Albums Chart 6
Portugal Albums Chart 3
Spain Albums Chart 1
Sweden Compilations Chart 3
Polish Albums Charts 2
Turkey Albums Chart 1
UK Compilation Album Chart 1
U.S. Billboard 200 2
U.S. Top Digital Albums 1
U.S. Top Internet Albums 1

Year-end charts

Chart (2008) Rank
German Albums Chart 47

Sales and certifications

Country Certifications Sales/shipments Provider(s)
Australia Platinum 70,000+ ARIA
Austria Platinum 15,000+ IFPI
Belgium Gold 30,000+ IFPI
Brazil 2x Platinum 200,000+ ABPD
GCC 3x Platinum 18,000+ IFPI Middle East
Germany Platinum 200,000+ IFPI
Mexico 3x Platinum 300,000+ AMPROFON
New Zealand 2x Platinum 30,000+ RIANZ
Switzerland Gold 15,000+ IFPI
Turkey Gold 7,000+ MüYap
United States Platinum 1,500,000+ RIAA

International versions

International versions with foreign language lyrics have been released in various countries for the original single Right Here, Right Now, as well as international versions of "Just Wanna Be With You", "Scream", and "Walk Away". International versions of the entire album were produced in India, Turkey and Russia.

Song Original Name Language Singer(s) Country
"Ty i Ja" "Right Here, Right Now" Polish Hania Stach & Łukasz Zagrobelny Poland
"Just Här, Just Nu" Swedish Brandur & Molly Sandén Sweden
"Lige Her Og Nu" Danish Simon Mathew & Rebekka Mathew Denmark
"Μικροί θεοί" (Mikroí Theoí) Greek Kostas Martakis & Shaya Greece
"Itt És Most" Hungarian Dósa Mátyás & Széles Izabella Hungary
"Chiar Aici, Chiar Acum" Romanian Cătălin Josan & Giulia Romania
"Eu Só Quero Estar Com Você" "Just Wanna Be With You" Portuguese Renata & Olavo (High School Musical: A Seleção) Brazil
"Yo Contigo Quiero Estar" Spanish Mariana & Cristobal (High School Musical: El Desafío) Mexico
"Yo Contigo Quiero Estar" Spanish Fernando & Agustina (High School Musical: El Desafío) Argentina
"Grido" "Scream" Italian Jacopo Sarno Italy
"Vivre Ma Vie" "Walk Away" French Amel Bent France

Hindi versions

Hindi Title Original Name Singer(s)
"Now or Never" "Now or Never" High School Musical 3: Senior Year Hindi cast
"Right Here, Right Now" "Right Here, Right Now" Wrisha Dutta & Sangeet Haldipur
"I Want It All" "I Want It All" High School Musical 3: Senior Year Hindi cast
"Can I Have This Dance" "Can I Have This Dance" Wrisha Dutta & Sangeet Haldipur
"A Night to Remember" "A Night to Remember" High School Musical 3: Senior Year Hindi cast
"Just Wanna Be With You" "Just Wanna Be With You" Wrisha Dutta & Sangeet Haldipur
"The Boys Are Back" "The Boys Are Back" Unknown
"Walk Away" "Walk Away" Wrisha Dutta
"Scream" "Scream" Sangeet Haldipur
"Senior Year Spring Musical" "Senior Year Spring Musical" High School Musical 3: Senior Year Hindi cast
"We're All in This Together (Graduation Mix)" "We're All in This Together (Graduation Mix)" High School Musical 3: Senior Year Hindi cast
"High School Musical" "High School Musical" High School Musical 3: Senior Year Hindi cast


The following people contributed to the album:

  • VocalsZac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Olesya Rulin, Jemma McKenzie-Brown, Matt Prokop
  • Executive Producers – Kenny Ortega, Bill Borden and Barry Rosenbush
  • Producers – Adam Anders, Rasmus Billie Bähncke, Andy Dodd, Matthew Gerrard, Jamie Houston, Randy Petersen, Kevin Quinn, Adam Watts
  • Lyricists - Adam Anders, Andy Dodd, Matthew Gerrard, Nikki Hassman, Jamie Houston, Robbie Nevil, Randy Petersen, Kevin Quinn, Adam Watts
  • Mastering – Patricia Sullivan
  • Engineers – Cary Butler, Matthew Gerrard, Jamie Houston, Jeremy Luzier, Joseph Magee, Brian Matouf, Joel Soyffer

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