Hiram Flaversham is a character from Disney's 1986 animated feature film The Great Mouse Detective. He is the father of Olivia Flaversham and is said to be the best toymaker in all of London. His speciality is the creation of clockwork toys.

Role in the film

Flaversham is first seen celebrating his daughter Olivia's birthday by presenting her with a mouse ballerina doll that he has made for her. Shortly thereafter, he is kidnapped by Fidget and taken to Professor Ratigan to create a clockwork Mouse Queen for the professor. Though he starts the project, he is horrified by the whole idea and suddenly refuses to help Ratigan - no matter what - even though he knows he may lose his life. However, when Ratigan threatens to kill Flaversham's daughter, he is forced to return to the task. From these actions that it is shown that Flaversham is a very caring and loving father to Olivia, which may be caused by how the audience is left to presume that his wife is deceased.

Flaversham finishes the clockwork Mouse Queen in time for Ratigan to put his plan into motion. At Buckingham Palace, Ratigan's thugs hold the toymaker at gunpoint to operate the Robot Queen that names Ratigan the new ruler of Mousedom. However, he is soon freed by Basil of Baker Street and Dr. David Q. Dawson. As Basil exposes Ratigan and foil his plans, Flaversham is reunited with his daughter, but Fidget manages to free himself of his bonds and kidnaps Olivia. Basil, Dawson, and Flaversham give chase in a flying apparatus made out of balloons, the Union Jack, and a matchbox.

Flaversham and Dawson watch as Basil jump into Ratigan's blimp, which crashes into Big Ben, taking Ratigan, Basil, and Olivia inside the clocktower. Basil rescues Olivia from Ratigan, reunites her with her father, and defeats the evil professor. At the end of the movie, Flaversham is last seen telling Olivia to come along so that they can catch their train.


  • Flaversham was voiced by the late Alan Young, who more famously voiced Scrooge McDuck.
  • Flaversham is similar to Geppetto.
    • Both are toymakers.
    • Both are single fathers, with one child.
    • Both have a very close bond with their child.
    • Both have got big glasses and a mustache.
  • He is often given the first name Hiram, but there is no canon source for this. The film's dialogue and voice credits only identify him as Flaversham, as does his model sheet. Likewise, the tie-in storybooks only identify him as "Mr. Flaversham" with no first name.


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