"Ho-Dee-I, Ho-De-ay, At the County Fair" is a song featured from Disney's 1948 film So Dear to My Heart. It was written by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé and sung by Ken Carson and a female chorus.


The Owl: Ho-dee-I, ho-dee-ay
What a great big, wonderful day
Not a care in the air
Ev'rybody ya know
From Matilda to Joe
Will be there
At the county fair
Ho-dee-ay, ho-dee-I
The Birds: What a great big, beautiful sky
The Owl: All the clowns, like the crowds
The Birds: You can bet we'll be dressed
In thei brightest and best
For this day
At the fair today

The teenage misters
Will be shooin' little sisters
To the Ferris wheel up above
And they'll be gettin'
Their best gals for pettin'
In the Tunnel of Love

The Owl: Ho-dee-I
The Birds: I-oh-I
The Owl: Ho-dee-ay
The Birds: Ay-oh-ay
All: Come and throw your troubles away
The Owl: Just a grin gets you in
All: On this day of the year
When there's nothing but cheer
To share
At the county fair

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