"Holiday for Henpecked Husbands" (also known as "Goofy Takes a Holiday") is an animated episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.


Goofy wants to go out to play golf, but his wife keeps him busy with the spring cleaning, much to his chagrin. As he toils, the "Spirit of Imagination" (a tiny Peter Pan-type, Goofy-like character) appears and continuously gets Goofy to daydream about a more adventurous life to make his labors more fun.

Eventually, his wife tells him that if he won't get his work done, he might as well play golf. But by the time Goofy finally gets outside, it's already nighttime. Goofy takes his anger out on the Spirit of Imagination.

Featured shorts




  • In 1990, footage of this program was reused, with redubbed dialogue, for a special on The Disney Channel called Goofy's Guide to Success.
  • Some of the shorts are altered somewhat:
    • Hello Aloha is trimmed slightly, removing the opening scene and beginning with Goofy on the island. In addition, the message-in-a-bottle Goofy receives is different.
    • Only the second half of How to Play Baseball is shown, starting with the shot of the radio annoucning the World Series game.
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