Homework was Kuzco's temporary pet cat whom he was assigned to take care of as part of a responsibility assignment from the episode, "The Emperor's New Pet".

Role in the episode

Kuzco and his classmates are each assigned by Mr. M to take care of their temporary pet cats as part of a responsibility assignment. Kuzco is assigned to take care of a gray kitten he names Homework. Regrettably, Kuzco hardly brushes or feeds Homework and then irresponsibly dumps him in his locker. As part of Yzma's plan to make sure Kuzco fails another school assignment, she transforms the kitten into a huge black jaguar with a magic pink mouse toy despite her former plan to kidnap and ship the kitten to China. After a small talk with Malina, Kuzco returns to bring Homework only to find him having transformed into a jaguar; much to his horror. When Homework overhears Kuzco talking to Kronk feeding his pet cat, Little Yzma (since his kitten reminds him of Yzma when she was transformed into a cat) about feeling good never having to see another cat again, Homework leaves and decides to live alone in the jungle as he lets out a moan of grief and sadness.

When Kuzco can't find Homework after arranging for a kitty play date with Malina and her pet cat, Fluffy, he searches for him in the jungle. After accidentally waking up a jaguar he mistook for Homework, he ends up being chased by a whole pack of jaguars until they all end up falling off a bridge. Once the jaguars have Kuzco surrounded, Homework comes to the rescue by making the jaguars flee like a bunch of fraidy pussy cats with a single roar. Then, he starts touching, dog-piling, rolling, licking, and kissing Kuzco as part of his way of showing affection. At the kitty play date, after Kuzco assures Malina and Kronk that the jaguar is his actual pet cat and that he won't make a meal of them or their own cats, Kuzco shows them a few tricks he taught him like jumping through a ring of fire, carving a wooden statue of Kuzco, and groove dancing; much to everyone's delight.

When Kuzco shows his assignment to Mr. M and says his tearful good-bye to Homework, Mr. M isn't convinced that Kuzco's good-bye was real or that Homework really is his pet cat. Mr. M later takes back what he said and allows Kuzco to pass the assignment after witnessing the jaguar transform back into a cute, harmless, little gray kitten; much to Yzma's chagrin.



  • Homework looks like Yzma's cat form from the original movie, and may have been inspired by her. 

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