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The Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad (HKDLRR) is a narrow gauge railroad at Hong Kong Disneyland. It opened together with the park on September 12, 2005. The Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad is the first attraction seen when entering the park. The train transports guests around the park which is also known as the "Grand Circle Tour".


The Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad has two passenger trains and three locomotives:

Walter E. Disney

The Walter E. Disney

This train is named after Walt Disney, the founder of Walt Disney Productions. It also has 5 cars which are named after cities in California, namely Anaheim, Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles, and California.

Roy O. Disney

The Roy O. Disney

This train is named after Roy O. Disney, the brother of Walt Disney and the co-founder of Walt Disney Productions. It also has 5 cars, namely Chicago, Marceline, Kansas City, Hollywood, and Orlando.

Frank G. Wells

The Frank G. Wells

This locomotive is named after Frank Wells, one of the presidents of WED. There are no coaches for this locomotive, so it uses the same cars that the Walter E. Disney and Roy O. Disney uses, provided that one of the locomotives are not running.


Main Street Station

Just right after the train departs Main Street Station with a recorded narration commenting on visited landscapes, the train travels through Adventureland and the Rivers of the Jungle River Cruise.

Fantasyland Station

Then the train arrives in Fantasyland and makes a stop at the Fantasyland Station. The train now departs Fantasyland Station with guests given a view of Fantasy Gardens, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, the walkway to It's a Small World, and travels underneath the queue line of The Golden Mickeys.

Now, guests arrive in Tomorrowland where they view Space Mountain and the some of the tracks of Autopia. It later shows the showbuilding of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters with audio-animatronics of the Little Green Men viewing the guests.

After, the train finally arrives back at the Main Street Station.


  • The steam locomotives are actually fake. The tenders are the real locomotives that haul the trains. They run on diesel fuel while typical steam audio (chuffing, steam whistle, etc.) are emitted from speakers. This is due to Hong Kong's strict standards regarding emissions, as well as a cost-cutting measure to avoid having new steam locomotives built, or finding and shipping suitable narrow guage steam locomotives. Walt Disney would not be happy with this design if he was still living though.

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