Hooty is a character who appears in the animated series, The Owl House. He is a small wooden owl head attached to the front door, who serves as the guardian of the Owl House. Hooty controls everything in the Owl House and can feel pain if parts of the house are attacked. He can also use an elongated neck to stretch out from the door to play in the mud.


Hooty's origin has yet to be delved into, but what is known is that he is weird. Due to being part of the house for presumably a long time, it can be assumed that his surreal personality is due to him suffering from severe loneliness. He has a habit of barging, or rather slithering, into rooms or situations unannounced and holds conversations with inanimate objects and insects. He has no social skills and practically puts off anyone he comes into contact with including Eda, King and Luz. Gus Porter did seem to find him more interesting than either Eda or King, but quickly became victim to Hooty's eccentric ramblings. Nevertheless, he is considered part of the "family" mostly because nobody has any real choice over the matter.


Hooty resembles the head of any owl with a small beak, a golden brown crown, a light brown face and dark brown eyes.


  • In the Russian dub, Hooty is called Sychik.
  • In "Covention," Eda uses her staff to create multiple heads similar to Hooty, and they could also elongate their body.
  • According to Dana Terrace in her reddit AMA, Hooty has an evil twin sibling named "Booty."


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