Hopadiah "Hop Pop" Plantar is supporting character in Amphibia. He is the grandfather of Sprig and Polly Plantar.



Hop Pop is described as traditional and over-protective towards his own grandchilden. He also tend to have a high sense of parnoia whenever feeling that if something is or bond to go chaotically wrong. As seen "Best Fronds", when after he wakes up from a nap in his study and feared that Sprig, Polly and practically the entire town got eaten by Anne Boonchuy

He also seems mistrust other amphibians by saying that they're small minded and paranoid, ironic statement since he appears to be like that as well. He's even shown to be very honest.

Physical appearance

Hop Pop is an elderly reddish orange skinned frog with tufts of white coming out from each side of his head and normally wears greyish green waistcoat along with a buttoned shirt underneath and brown trousers with socks slighty covering his feet.  


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  • His shoe's have a similar appearance to Scrooge McDuck's spats.
  • In Reunion, a frog was shown in the dissection table that looks very much like Hop Pop.

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