Hopediah "Hop Pop" Plantar is the fourth main character from the Disney Channel animated series Amphibia. He is the grandfather of Sprig and Polly Plantar, as well as the patriarch of the Plantar family.



Hop Pop is described as traditional and over-protective towards his own grandchildren. He also tends to have a high sense of paranoia whenever feeling that if something is or bound to go chaotically wrong, as seen "Best Fronds", when after he wakes up from a nap in his study and feared that Sprig, Polly and practically the entire town got eaten by Anne Boonchuy.

Hop Pop also seems mistrust other amphibians by saying that they're small-minded and paranoid, an ironic (if not hypocritical) statement since he appears to be like that as well. He's even shown to be very dishonest.

Over the course of the series Hop Pop, while still strict at times has lightened up quite a bit due to the adventures he has shared with the kids; letting the kids be more independent, listening to other peoples suggestions, try new things and be less uptight.

Deep down Hop Pop is a kind and caring frog and has learned the importance of helping others.

Physical appearance

Hop Pop is an elderly reddish orange-skinned frog of a "crisp 68" years old ("Stakeout") with tufts of white coming out from each side of his head and normally wears gray-green waistcoat along with a buttoned yellow shirt underneath and brown trousers with spats slightly covering his feet.

Role in the series


Not mush is known about Hop Pop's past except he took in his grandchildren Sprig and Polly after their mother passed away. He is also a failed actor.

Season 1

Hop Pop is the elder character of the cast. He spends much of the series acting as the paternal figure in the group. Much of his conflict comes from him fearing change and the world around him. He does everything he can to keep Anne, Sprig and Polly rooted with his wisdom and hopes that they can apply what he has taught them. Hop Pop appears to know more than he lets on as seen in "Anne Vs. Wild" where he picks up on information about the Calamity Box, but neglects to tell Anne and his grandkids about it to protect them and the in "Bizarre Bazaar" he buried it out of paranoia.

Hop Pop becomes something of an idol to the people of Wartwood due to him standing up for the citizens as seen in "Hop-Popular". He becomes so influential that he starts being viewed as a threat by the Toads outside of town. He does not realize that he has made a big deal out of it until the episode "Reunion", which actually frightens him somewhat.

Season 2

After it was finally safe to travel out of the valley, Hop Pop bought a caravan wagon that looks like a miniature version of the Plantar Farm that he calls the Fwagon so they can go to Newtopia in order to find Anne a way back home.

Upon meeting the king of Amphibia himself, Andrias Leviathan, the Plantars learn that in order to send Anne back to earth the 3 gems on the music box need to charged at 3 different temples.



Sprig Plantar

I ain't ready to let you go yet. Heck, I ain't letting you go ever! It's homeschooling for the rest of your life! Forget higher learning, or big opportunities! You belong at the bottom of the socioeconomic barrel with me!
―Hop Pop caring too much for Sprig[src]

Hop Pop has lot of interaction with Sprig in the series and thus has a close relationship to him. He apparently raised the boy since he was a pollywog and they share a close bond to one another. However, Hop Pop is constantly on edge with his grandson; making sure that he does not get into any trouble when he is looking away. At times Hop Pop believes that Sprig does not respect him or his authority, but he in turn still cares for him a great deal. In "Lost in Newtopia", he has wizened up to Sprig's recklessness and prepared by handcuffing him to himself to keep him close. He nevertheless, has learned to trust him on occasion and simply wants him to grow up into a responsible frog.

Polly Plantar

Polly, I'd never leave you behind. Not ever.
―Hop Pop to Polly[src]

In "Anne or Beast?", Hop Pop seemed to put a lot of trust in Polly, more so than Sprig. However, since that episode, Hop Pop has shown to have just as much trouble handling her as much as Sprig. Hop Pop, understandably, treats Polly like a baby as he considers her to be the most "delicate" of the family, however, he does see a lot of potential in her such as in "Girl Time" where he considered her abilities unique and what made her her.


Anne Boonchuy

Anne: "You know Hop Pop back home we call that having a friend's back."
Hop Pop: "Well, back in my day we called it "pulling a Stinky McGuire." But if you don't know Stinky, the saying don't mean much, so let's just stick with yours."
―Anne and Hop Pop starting to bond

Hop Pop initially saw Anne as more of a thing rather than a person upon first meeting, as a matter of fact, Hop Pop borderline disliked her due to her reckless nature, as time went on however, he began to appreciate her presence and admitted to her that she reminded him of a younger version of himself. The two truly started to bond during the events in "Stakeout". Since then, Hop Pop has accepted her as a surrogate granddaughter of sorts; opting to give her advice whenever she needs it or, more precisely, when it suits her. He in turn has grown to listen to her in return such as when he needed advice on dancing in "Hop Pop and Lock". Much like his own grandchildren, he is unsure of what to do with himself once Anne leaves Amphibia. Hop Pop feels really guilty about lying to Anne about hiding the music box.

Sasha Waybright

Sasha tried to sacrifice Hop Pop to Captain Grime. In "Marcy at the Gates" He says he tries not to remember her.

Marcy Wu

Marcy made a very good first impression when she met Hop Pop to the point that he asked her if she would like to be adopted. Like his grandchildren, Hop Pop is really impressed at how extremely intelligent Marcy is.

Amphibia Citizens

Sylvia Sundew

I have trouble even putting sentences together. I wish there was another way to let Sylvia know how I feel.
―Hop Pop on how he feels about Sylvia[src]

Hop Pop has had a history with Sylvia Sundew. Supposedly, the two of them were very close. While their initial separation is not explored, the fact that the two of them, now single, still love one another shows that their bond has been unbreakable. Hop Pop was concerned that she would turn him down due to his eccentric tastes and habits, but fortunately, she loves him for being a "weird one". By "Family Fishing Trip", the two of them have officially become a couple.


Sadie: "I think your father would be proud that you did the right thing today."
Hop Pop: "Thanks, Sadie. I'll work hard to earn your trust back."
―Hop Pop after opening up to Sadie

Hop Pop has a great deal of respect for Sadie Croaker, due to her being around longer. Out of all the people of Wartwood, Hop Pop tries to please her the most as she knew his family and believes that he retains the same moral code that his father and grandfather held. This is tested in "Plantar's Last Stand" where Hop Pop tried to lie his way through selling phony drinks. He ultimately realized that he could not betray Sadie's trust and admitted that he was lying which Sadie appreciated.

Mayor Toadstool


King Andrias



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  • His voice is provided by Bill Farmer, who is best known as the voice of Goofy.
  • His shoe's have a similar appearance to Scrooge McDuck's spats.
  • His name is likely a nod to the Dr. Seuss novel Hop on Pop.
    • As well as Pop-Pop a popular nickname for grandfathers.
  • In "Reunion", a frog was shown in the dissection table that looks very much like Hop Pop.
  • Hop Pop seems to have taken up some of Anne's mannerisms such as saying the word "obvi", short for "obviously", as seen in "A Night at the Inn".
  • In "Family Fishing Trip", Hop Pop reveals that his favorite flowers are dandelions because according to him "they funny".
  • In "A Caravan Named Desire", his eyes are revealed to be hazel.

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