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"House of Genius" is the fifty-first episode of House of Mouse. It originally aired on Toon Disney's New For You Show! on October 17, 2003.


Ludwig Von Drake replaces the staff with robotic versions of themselves to make the club more efficient, but everyone soon starts to miss the real versions.


When Mickey arrives at the club they begin to see torturous changes in the club: Mickey is nearly crushed by a spotlight falling from the ceiling and Minnie tells Horace that the lights weren't exactly dimmed, Goofy can't find the pizza menu since the Captain Hook wanted a Peter Pan pizza, Daisy can't serve customers because there are a few seats full, and Donald falls asleep snoring like a log so customers complain about not being greeted.

Suddenly Ludwig Von Drake arrives and seeing the technical problems of the club decides to bring his latest invention: his own House of Mouse 2.0, Mickey asks what the machine does, and Von Drake says that it does everything and is going to use it to replace his friends with robot helpers, and by pressing a button he lets out a robotic version of Mickey who throws him off the stage, Robo-Mickey introduces himself before everyone, welcoming with a robotic voice and announcing that he is becoming 98% more epic, Mickey is devastated to see that the robot was better than him, but does not decide to give up.

Mickey is about to present the first cartoon, but the robot throws him towards Willie the Giant's salad, to whom he says that he had ordered his salad, but that he did not expect it to include Mickey, the robot decides to do his job and puts on the first cartoon. After the cartoon Mickey comments to Minnie that with the robot in control of the club, he feels like a pawn, Minnie tells him that the robot could never replace him and just then the robot arrives and gives Minnie a flower As a gift, Von Drake asks Mickey how everything is going, Mickey tells him that the others are suffering with their jobs and that he is out of work, however instead of helping him continue with the robot, Von Drake makes things worse by adding more robotic versions of their friends.

Donald is about to greet Mushu and Cri-kee, but Robo-Donald appears and greets them with a thick and understandable voice, Mushu smiles commenting that he doesn't growl like he really does and he is understood, while Daisy talks to Cinderella and the prince that will have a table for them right away, Robo-Daisy arrives and teleports them to their respective seats, while Goofy feels overwhelmed with Hook threatening him, Robo-Goofy arrives and serves him his Peter Pan pizza and gives him a lost boys cake for dessert leaving Goofy depressed and Minnie is forced to quit her job when Robo-Minnie tells him that she has prepared too many seats and tells him that she is unnecessary.

The sensational six are sitting depressed watching their robotic counterparts working without them, Mickey says that he must do something and that no one can replace him, later Robo-Mickey is on stage when Mickey arrives to announce the second cartoon, but the robot pulls a saw from its wheel and creates a hole that sends Mickey falling and tells everyone that the next cartoon is about a mechanical house story and to enjoy it, starting the second cartoon.

After finishing the cartoon, Robo-Mickey presents his robotic movements, but the audience realizes the deception and begins to boo all the robots saying that they want to see Mickey again, seeing the commotion of the public Mickey and his friends decide to get going, however, Goofy and Donald destroy the House of Mouse 2.0 instead of turning it off which makes all the robots go crazy in a brutal way so they decide to do something to stop them.

Minnie tells her robotic self that the 7 dwarfs have canceled and that Aladdin, Hercules, Quasimodo, and Pocahontas have also canceled, Robo-Minnie loses her rhythm and instantly explodes, Robo-Daisy tries to talk to Ariel about who is her real fan, but the real Daisy interrupts everything making Robo-Daisy go crazy and is decapitated by the noise, Goofy slips to teach Robo-Goofy to be like him, but doing so breaks and finally Donald teaches his robotic self over anger and throws his tantrum to make the robot do the same and snap.

With the robots already destroyed, the only thing left to do was Robo-Mickey, who finished the function, but he replies that there is nothing he can do, however Mickey comments that he can take a bath and throws a bucket of water at the robot, which makes it explode until death leaving only his remains and ending the reign of robots in the club, Von Drake is depressed to see his invention destroyed, Mickey comments that he learned a lesson that technology comes and goes, but cannot replace anyone, however Von Drake shows his robotic variant who takes him out of the club and finally Mickey signs off to the public (including the viewers).

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  • Pluto does not appear in the "House" segments of this episode, but a robot version of him does.
  • This is the last House of Mouse episode where Mickey ends with "See ya real soon!"
  • Tigger was seen entering the lobby near the reservation desk, although he was seated earlier applauding before Robot Mickey announces the first cartoon.
  • These are the final appearances of Donald and Daisy since they do not appear in the final episode of the series


  • Minnie tells her robot counterpart that "Aladdin and his 40 Thieves" are among the bands whose appearances were cancelled. However, as shown in Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Aladdin's father Cassim, not Aladdin himself, was the leader of the 40 Thieves.


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