"How to Be a Waiter" is a Goofy short that originally aired as part of the first episode of Mickey Mouse Works. It later appeared in the House of Mouse episode "Goofy for a Day".


Goofy's career as a waiter is frustrating - he's always getting ordered around by customers. When things become too much, he decides to shoot for a better career and become a movie star. However, what goes around comes around when his first acting role ends up being that of a waiter.



  • The silent cartoon Goofy stars in, Steamboat Goofy, is a parody of Mickey's debut cartoon, Steamboat Willie, released in 1928.
    • Ironically, Goofy's steamboat crashes into Mickey's from the same short, causing Goofy's boat to sink.
    • Despite the fact that Steamboat Goofy is referred to as a silent cartoon, the opening credits refer to it as a sound cartoon, and the cartoon itself has sound.