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How to Fish is an animated short produced by Walt Disney Productions and first released in 1942, starring Goofy.


Like all "How To" Disney shorts, this one opens with a narrator explaining how to fish, with Goofy acting as the visual narrator. This short film does not have a plot; all the facts are jumbled together, with several humorous facts and clips.

There are similarities between this cartoon and How to Ride a Horse, as both are framed as being presented inside a book of the same name, with the punchline of the short being an animal on the front cover coming to life and having the last laugh.




Home video[]


Have a Laugh! changes[]

The following scenes were deleted from the short release due to time constraints:

  • The entire opening with the zodiac sign and Goofy at home; it opens with the shot of the mountain.
  • The description of the mountain trout.
  • Goofy failing to approach a stream quietly and getting his hat eaten by fish.
  • Goofy trying, but failing spectacularly, to cast the lure.


  • This being the second "How to" title, this shares some similarities with How to Ride a Horse, being the short taking place in a book, with the pages turning, and at the end, the animal having the final laugh (in the previous short, the horse, in this short, the fish).
  • The animation of Goofy snoring is reused from The Art of Skiing.
  • When this short was aired as part of an episode of Good Morning, Mickey!, Goofy's 1950's theme song was played instead of his 1940's theme song.


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