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How to Hook Up Your Home Theater is a 2007 theatrical cartoon from Walt Disney Pictures, directed by Kevin Deters and co-directed by Stevie Wermers-Skelton. This is the first theatrical Goofy solo cartoon short (other than a few educational films) made in 46 years, since Aquamania. In the style of The Everyman cartoons of the 1950s, this short follows Goofy as he buys and then sets up his home theater system, to watch football.


Goofy is looking forward to watching the big football game. However, his tiny, junky TV goes out. While desperately trying to get a signal, he discovers his neighbor across the street getting a delivery for a brand-new home theater system. Realizing that a home theater system would allow him to experience the game like he was actually there, he decides to go and buy one.

Stopping by the Shiny Stuff electronics store, Goofy obtains a large quantity of "key components" and settles on buying a 1200-inch TV. 24 hours later, after eagerly watching out from his window for the delivery truck, Goofy's items finally arrive, and he begins the arduous process of putting it together. This ranges from Goofy making sure all the proper wires connected and placing his surround-sound speakers in their proper positions.

With his house now flooded with wires and speakers in random places, Goofy realizes the big game is about to start any second, but he can't find the remote due to owning so many of them. Luckily, he remembers that he bought a universal remote, and upon turning the TV on, it explodes, sending Goofy flying away. After landing, he sees what he thinks is the big game, only to discover that he's actually at the game himself, where he is quickly pummeled by the football players. This makes Goofy remark "It's almost like being there!"

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The short was partially produced using a new "paperless" production pipeline for Disney, the first major change in production technique for hand-drawn animation at Disney since the introduction of CAPS, and was also an attempt to see if the new digital animation tools could be used to produce a short with the same graphic look as that of a 1940s cartoon. Instead of animating with pencil on paper, some of the animators, such as Dale Baer, worked on Wacom's Cintiq tablets along with Toon Boom Harmony for the animation, while other animators such as Mark Henn and Andreas Deja continued to work in the traditional method with pencil on paper. It was reported on Animation World Network that about 50% of the short was done in the new paperless technique. However, Disney's next hand-drawn animated feature The Princess and the Frog only used paperless animation, with the exception of the characters, which were still traditionally animated.


The short was released with the Disney film National Treasure: Book of Secrets on December 21, 2007. It was also paired with The Game Plan for the film's release in the United Kingdom. The short was shown early at the "Animate with the Greats" class taking place at Facet's Theatre. Several Walt Disney Animation Studios animation artists taught the class, including Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers. It is also available for purchase on the iTunes Store. The three-minute Have a Laugh! version can be viewed on Disney's Have a Laugh! video page. Both versions of the cartoon were released on the first "have a laugh!" DVD release in October 2010. It was included in the Animation Show of Shows in 2007. The short is also included in the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Film Collection Blu-ray/DVD that was released on August 18, 2015.


  • The two sports teams are called the Dawgs and the Geefs, both references to two of Goofy's alternate names over the years: Dippy Dawg (his earliest incarnation) and George Geef (his name from his 1950s "everyman" shorts).
  • Pete makes a cameo as a cheering football fan.
  • When Goofy receives his home theater system, the box the system came in is branded "Dopey Digital" and has the SKU number M1C-K3Y M0-U5E.
  • Before Goofy clears the top of a bookshelf to make room for one of his speakers, the items shown are a portrait of Walt Disney, Goofy in his earliest incarnation with the 1932 cartoon Mickey's Revue, a caricature drawing of John Lasseter, a picture of Clarabelle Cow, and a gold statue of Goofy as a cherub.
  • Goofy has a Mickey Mouse watch.
  • The list of items Goofy gets at the electronics store are as follows: the DVD, the CD, the LD, the DVR, the VCR, audio receiver, AV cables, TV tables, satellite dish (with satellite), the Blu-ray, the Green-ray, the Hoo-ray, the hi-fi I-Y, HDMI, the heebie-jeebies, E equals M-C squared, and the batteries.
  • Before the delivery truck drops off Goofy's items, Goofy fixes a framed photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which was slightly tilted so that the tower in the photo appears to be standing straight.
  • Despite being made in 2007, long after LaserDiscs and VCRs had stopped being produced, the term "LD" is mentioned.
  • Much of the footage for the Big Game and its stadium is based on How to Play Football, with a new arrangement of the original short's music serving as the main motif of this short.




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