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Howard Weinerman is Randy Cunningham's best friend and companion in Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.



Howard can be described as a loyal, loud-mouthed lazy guy. He is also very emotional when his food is ruined or damaged. It is also revealed that he is aware he is less intelligent than Randy since he laughed with Randy when Randy suggested for Howard to try and come up with an idea, though he has shown some intelligence, as he knew how many Scoville units a Habanero pepper was in "McFists of Fury". He can also be a jerk, as shown in "So U Think U Can Stank" when he aggressively rejects participants for little to no reason, thus turning them into monsters. He also gets angry at Randy often, since it appears that his fault is the cause of their arguments.

Physical appearance

Howard, unlike Randy, is somewhat more chubby, which comes from laziness. He has orange hair like his sister Heidi and brown eyes. He is almost always wearing a T-shirt with a squid on it.

Role in the series


Howard has been Randy's best friend for a long time. During the summer vacation before school began, they both played Grave Puncher, Grave Puncher II, and Grave Puncher 3.

Last Stall on the Left

When they first came to school and had to write a 500-word essay, Howard asks Randy if he can copy his. Randy says no because he does not want them to turn in the same essays. Mr. Bannister then throws his right shoe at Howard because he talked.

The next day, they get out of class, and he starts talking about how the ninja had not shown up yet. Randy says that it does not really matter, but then Howard states that they are his number one fan.

During lunch, Randy goes to the bathroom. Howard then yells to him that he will eat his tater tots if Randy does not get out. Randy then Smoke Bombs in wearing the ninja suit. He tells everybody that he should be able to fight a monster anytime. He is about to leave when Howard holds onto him and tells him to wait until Randy gets out of the bathroom.

Krackenstein then attacks, and Randy gets knocked into a locker. Howard texts Randy that the ninja was getting pwned.

When class begins again, Howard tells Randy that they were supposed to meet the ninja together. He also says that he thought the ninja was terrible. Randy states that there is no encyclopedia of how to be a ninja, which gives him the idea that he should look in the NinjaNomicon. Randy says that he has to go to the bathroom, but actually goes home to check the NinjaNomicon.

When class is over, Howard finds the Krackenstein and releases it so he can see the ninja again. He meets Randy and tells him about what he did. Krackenstein destroys the wall, and they both go out to see Krackenstein destroy Principal Slimovitz's car. Randy gets away from Howard and turns into ninja mode. Howard then watches Randy fight Krackenstein and this time win.

They then meet behind the school, where Randy tells him that he is the ninja.



Howard is not as smart as Randy, and even acknowledges it in "Got Stank?", laughing at the thought with Randy. His grades are low, which could be because he isn't that smart or lazy. He does know about Scoville units ("McFists of Fury"), though. Although Randy is the one to come up with ideas and plans more often, Howard has proven to make just as good or just as bad ideas.

In "Dawn of the Driscoll", he suggests feeding and watering their plant right away, which Randy agrees to and results in them getting an "F" (they got a "C" later on). He also suggests going through a window to get to the movie, a far less complicated ploy than Randy's plan to sneak in through the sewers in "Grave Puncher: The Movie!".

His insight often either helps or saves Randy depending on the situation. When Randy is hypnotized in "30 Seconds to Math", Howard quickly thinks up a plan and cleverly encourages everyone into believing that the ninja is inside them and therefore throwing off McFist's scheme. He reminds Randy about the smoke bomb tree in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch", and tries to stop Randy from telling "Der Monster Klub" about the way to get stanked. Howard shakes the log in "Ninja Camp", knocking everyone else off and winning the challenge, revealing that he has some sort of common sense. In "Stanks Like Teen Spirit", he shows a great skill at chess, despite never having played it before. With this ability, he beats the chess-bot in order to destank everyone whom lost to it.

It's probably best for Randy never to underestimate Howard under any circumstances.

Costume Design

Throughout the series, Howard has shown great talent in putting together costumes. Instead of dressing up as the front of a cow in "Dawn of the Driscoll", which would've matched up to Randy's half, he dressed up as Viceroy, impressing the evil genius himself when the two saw each other. For "Grave Puncher: The Movie!", Howard creates a costume based off one of the Grave Puncher characters. In "Shoob Tube", Howard has a sumo outfit and a gorilla-in-a-tuxedo suit. In preparation for Word War One in "Hip Hopocalypse Now", using stuff from his locker, Howard puts together an outfit to look hip, including glasses with blinds and saggy pants. For the upcoming history report in "The Ninja Identity", he makes a outfit of Victor Von Van. In Rorg: Hero of a Past he improvises the costume of Rorg's sidekick, Socko.

Sometimes, his outfits have been quite useful. In order to give Mac Antfee the Nomicon while not getting caught, Howard, under Randy's orders, dresses up as a girl, wearing a dress, high-heels, and a wig with ponytails in "Enter the Nomicon". Other times, though, his costumes cause him a lot of trouble. Mr. Driscoll mistakes Howard for Viceroy because of the costume and therefore kidnaps him in "Dawn of the Driscoll". During "Monster Drill", McFist and Viceroy think Howard is the real Ninja because of the ninja costume he is wearing for the drill.

Gaming Skills

Just like Randy, Howard has been shown to have great gaming abilities. Randy complains about a move in Grave Puncher that Howard uses to beat him in "Grave Puncher: The Movie!". Although Randy is the best at the games at Greg's Game Hole, Howard is never far behind in skill, and beats Randy at Jack Hammer in "Weinerman Up", but only because Randy let him so that Howard finally listens to him and destroys the Jack Hammer robot.

Other Skills

In "Weinerman Tested, Cunningham Approved", Howard is revealed to have the strange ability to break everything he touches, including all the McFist products which are guaranteed to be indestructible. Even the mad scientist William Viceroy considers Howard the most destructive force he's ever seen. This curse is really uncontrollable as Howard killed even his McFist hamster once.

In the final episodes Howard shows the strange capability of grabbing a Sorcerer's Ball barehanded and even using its power frequently without being corrupted by it, something not even Randy as the Ninja managed to do. These abilities were never explored, as the series was cancelled afterwards.

Notable Possesions

McFist Industries Products

As Randy states "We are McFist men from head to toe". Howard may be such a big fan of the products either because it's just popular, or that he finds that there's something good about it. He even exclaims that McFist can do no wrong in "Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes" when the Barf-a-Centauri opens, much to Randy's annoyance.

In particular, he gets a new McFist Pad in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon", but its shown that he broke it in "Weinerman Tested, Cunningham Approved". Howard probably gets a free McFist Pad when McFist is forced by the Ninja to give out in "McOne Armed and Dangerous" since he possesses one again in "All the Juice That's Fish to Swim".

Grave Puncher Series

Howard is also a big fan of Grave Puncher. He has posters of it covering all of the walls in his room. He and Randy play the first three games together and were working on the fourth. He does not like it when people say he is not a good Grave Puncher.



Howard asks to copy off of Randy's paper in "Last Stall on the Left", but other than that, Howard's abilities in English are unknown. He seems to be good with speaking and persuasion, though, so if he actually puts effort into it, he's probably not that bad.


Howard isn't very good at class, coming close to failing class in "Attack of the Killer Potatoes". It is his idea to feed and water the plant in "Dawn of the Driscoll", which kills the plant and leads Mrs. Driscoll to give them a bad grade. If he hadn't used the excuse of being kidnapped by Mr. Driscoll to boost their grade, Randy and Howard would not've been allowed to go to the Frightacular.

Physical Education

Howard despises P.E., describing Coach Green as entirely insane. He attempted to escape climbing the rope in "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note", although being able to do it just fine. He also wants to win the three-legged challenge with Randy in order to get a class day of napping and save everyone's butts in "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key".


Howard is not good at Spanish, using food words that he learned from the guy who runs the taco cart. Randy and Howard fail their Spanish report because of this in "Viva El Nomicon", but after Howard listens to Debbie's Hypno-Spanish book, he is able to speak it fluently and save their grade.

Home Economics

Howard really seems to enjoy the class, especially since it earned him and Randy the class-fecta for being partners in every class during "Nukid on the Block".


Howard creates a costume of the creator of the Norrisville Van Dam in "The Ninja Identity", but doesn't memorize the facts and assumes he knew everything because he is dressed up as him, frustrating his partner Randy who actually did most of the work on their project.


As shown in "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key", Howard doesn't seem to understand math and do well at it, thinking that an isosceles triangle is a made-up thing.


Randy Cunningham

He and Randy are best friends, although they have arguments they always forgive each other. Both have been friends for a long time, such as playing with ninja sword toys when they were younger. They share many interests, like video games and music. While at first, Howard is excited when he found out Randy was the Ninja, he eventually comes to feel like it's ruining any chance of them having fun or earning popularity. It also annoys him that Randy has to NNS (standing for Ninja No-Show) constantly, and fight the evil at hand before other things that Howard finds important, like their grades and video games, can be achieved. Unlike some best friends to heroes, Howard doesn't always support Randy and shows little compassion, mercy, or understanding towards Randy's issues as the Ninja. Whenever a problem occurs, Howard usually tries to blame Randy for problems, even when it's obviously his own fault, like in "Gossip Boy". Other times, Howard will abuse the friendship for his own benefit, whether it be lying to Randy about being late just to buy him some food, or getting Randy to use his powers to fix a problem. Even when Randy is trying to help him, Howard doesn't always appreciate it, especially in "Escape from Detention Island". When Randy messes up, Howard is a lot less likely to genuinely forgive him than vice versa. But he still honestly thanks Randy for saving him, albeit Randy's fault causing the situation in the first place, in "Evil Spirit Week", and truly means his apologies when he actually gives them.

Heidi Weinerman

Howard is not very fond of his sister. Her popularity and success at everything extremely frustrate him. In "30 Seconds to Math", he wants to beat her at the Battle of the Bands, and in "Grave Puncher: The Movie!", he laughs at her when she fell over while practicing for her drivers' test. They both argue with each other a lot, not afraid to use cutting remarks or insults. Howard admits he always expected his sister was a dog when she gets stanked in "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress's Revenge", while she threatens him with blackmail, like in "So U Think U Can Stank". However, he cares for her enough to be horrified and disgusted when NomiRandy flirts with her in "Shloomp! There It Is!" and when Randy admits he finds some things about Heidi attractive in "Welcome Back Catfish".

Theresa Fowler

Howard and Theresa do not interact much but seem to get along alright. He is jealous when Randy convinces both Theresa and Debbie that he isn't afraid of anything, and Theresa gives him her McFizzles to make him stop crying in "Night of the Living McFizzles". Like the rest of the school, he considers her to be an uncool student, initially not wanting to be sitting at her table in "Der Monster Klub". When Randy and Theresa briefly touch hands and while with the Klub, Howard looks very amused by it. Despite seeming to be aware of Randy and Theresa's affection for one another, Howard doesn't care too much about it, and thinks Theresa was asking him to dance as opposed to Randy in "Sorcerer in Love". He also gets annoyed when Theresa grabs Randy's hand while the boys were arguing in "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress' Revenge".

Debbie Kang

Howard does not get along with Debbie Kang too well, considering the fact that the two are polar opposites of each other.


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  • Howard is the first character in the show to find out that Randy is the Ninja.
  • He and Randy has a band named 30 Seconds to Math which is a parody of 30 Seconds To Mars in the episode of the same name.
  • He likes to eat, as seen throughout the series.
  • He does not like when someone jokes about his grave-punching skills, as shown in "House of 1,000 Boogers".
  • Apparently he can't keep a secret, since he said so himself in "Gossip Boy".
  • He was dressed as Viceroy for Halloween in "Dawn of the Driscoll" and "Night of the Living McFizzles".
  • He was chosen to play the ninja in "Monster Drill" by Principal Slimovitz.
  • He likes the school's cafeteria food even if it was made from roadkill.
  • He likes to eat as seen in "Gossip Boy" and "30 Seconds to Math".
  • Howard usually address' Randy by his last name "Cunningham".
    • Despite this, he address' him as "Randy" a total of 13 times in the series' run.
  • His Shirt has a squid on it is reference to the picture of squid in the living room of Zim's Base from Invader Zim.
  • According to a Tumblr post by RC9GN animatic editor Nico Colaleo, Howard is Jewish.
    • Since he does not keep his head covered, he is not an Orthodox Jew; he may be Reform or Conservative, but he is most likely non-practicing (though his family does celebrate Hanukkah, he has no idea of its religious or historical significance).
  • He contradicted himself in "House of 1,000 Boogers" and "30 Seconds to Math" about the NinjaNomicon. In "House of 1,000 Boogers", he said that he always liked the Nomicon. In "30 Seconds to Math" he said he always hated the Nomicon.
  • He might have a slight crush on Morgan as seen in "Escape from Detention Island".
  • He is one of the only characters on the show to have a sibling so far, Heidi.
  • In the episode "Escape from Detention Island", it's shown that Howard is really good at making excuses.
  • In the episode, "Stanks Like Teen Spirit", Howard is seen to be considerably skilled at chess even though he has no idea what the chess pieces are called.
    • Also in said episode, he says "Chess-mate" which promotes the chess-bot to correct him by saying "Check-mate."
  • Howard has a lot of family members, so the family members are mentioned off-screen in multiple episodes.
  • In "Hip Hopocalypse Now" Its shown that Howard is allergic to dust.
  • Howard's worst fear is running out of food, especially chicken-based foods; however, it is unknown if running out of food is hist greatest fear.
  • It was revealed by the 9gn tumblr that Howard doesn't know Randy's birthday or that he is 14.
  • The boy's lockers often switch around but the placement remains the same, Howard and Randy's lockers are always on the staircases side.
  • In "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key", he claims that an isosceles triangle doesn't exist and is something he made up. An isosceles triangle actually does exist, it is a triangle with two sides which are equal in length and also has two angles of the same measure.
  • In "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key", after he helped Randy get the key, he also wants a ninja mask, a sword, and a cape with his suit.
    • He temporarily become the ninja in "The Ninja Identity"/"The Ninja Supremacy" after Randy accidentally mind-wipes himself. In said episodes, it is revealed that Howard is a terrible ninja, but less so than Mac Antfee.
    • During the second episode, Howard got his own version of the theme song, failing to sing along with the lyrics.
  • In "Enter the Nomicon", he dressed up as a girl, the first character to cross-dress in the series.
  • Oddly enough Howard's locker had a trench coat in it in "Randy Cunningham's Day Off" and "Ninjception" but it looked nothing like the one he used previously in "McOne Armed and Dangerous".
  • He got a McFistPad in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon", which has since been revealed to be destroyed as seen in "Weinerman Tested, Cunningham Approved".
  • He thinks that word duty is funny and laughs every time when he hears it.
  • In "Flume-Igation", he admits to having issues being alone.
  • Howard goes through Randy's underwear drawer, as revealed in "Julian's Birthday Surprise".
    • Howard often uses and borrows Randy's underwear, and at one point, Howard has Randy's underwear for a month.
  • Howard might be based on Nick Frost, an English actor.
  • His last name means "variant of Weiner". It is also a Jewish surname.
  • As revealed in "Bro-ing Down the House", Howard didn't know what a boomerang is. When Randy was hit by a boomerang in the face, Randy thought that Howard knows what a boomerang is; however, he still forgets it.
  • His last name is a Yiddish surname meaning "man from Vienna"; the Austrian capital was well-known for its large Jewish population. "Weiner," of course, also is a variant of "wiener," a hot-dog or sausage, and is also a slang word for "a weak, lazy, cowardly person who refuses to participate, particularly in sports or dangerous activities" (as in the phrase, "to wiener out") or simply "an annoying person." "Howard" may hint at "coward."
  • Howard slightly resembles his voice actor, Andrew Caldwell.
    • Andrew stated in an interview that because he yelled all Howard's lines, he often got headaches.
  • Apparently his birthday is May 18th (Randy's is still unknown). This would make Howard a Taurus, which astrologically would supposedly indicate a stocky, bull-necked physique, and stubborn, stolid, and rather sensual character.

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