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Hunter B-15: "You were in the Time Keepers' chambers, they weren't real."
Ravonna: "And why do you think that changes anything?"
Hunter B-15: "That changes everything! The people need to know the truth."
―Hunter B-15 and Ravonna[src]

Hunter B-15 is a Marvel Cinematic Universe character from the Disney+ series Loki. She is a Hunter in Time Variance Authority who works capturing Variants and protecting the Sacred Timeline, until she finds out the truth about the organization.


Hunter B-15 previously had a normal and happy life on the Sacred Timeline. However, under unknown circumstances, she created a nexus event which caused her timeline to branch. Upon becoming a Variant, she was captured by the Time Variance Authority and her timeline was destroyed. But, instead of being pruned and sent to the Void like many other Variants, she had her memories erased to work for the organization. She was turned into a Hunter, a commander to the Minutemen, and is identified as "Hunter B-15". Since then, she fought to protect the Sacred Timeline and preserve the flow of time according to what is dictated by the Time Keepers. At the TVA, Hunter B-15 was told that the Time Keepers created not only the organization but also all its workers, so she is unaware about her own past life and also that the Time Keepers are actually mindless androids controlled by the real founder of the TVA, He Who Remains.


Marvel Cinematic Universe


Season One

Hunter B-15 captures Loki and brings him to the TVA.

In the first episode, when a Loki uses the Tesseract to transport himself to the Gobi Desert, escaping from the Avengers after the Battle of New York, he creates a nexus event, causing his timeline to branch, so Hunter B-15 leads a unit of Minutemen to capture him. She arrives at the desert through a Time Door and identifies that Loki is the Variant that caused the timeline to branch. She asks Loki to surrender without resistance. When he refuses, she uses her Time Stick to hit him and speed him down. After restraining Loki with a Time Collar, she orders the Minutemen to reset the timeline and then she takes both the Tesseract and Loki to the TVA headquarters. There, Loki tries to run away from her, but B-15 uses a Time Twister connected to his collar to loop him back to the same place, preventing him to escape. She then gives the Tesseract to a TVA worker, Casey, to be filled as an evidence before leaving Loki with the TVA processing droid to go under the procedures that prisoners go through upon being brought to the TVA.

Hunter B-15 and a Minuteman hold Loki during his trial.

Later, Hunter B-15 takes Loki to the Time Court for him to be judged against his crimes against the Sacred Timeline. B-15 and the Minutemen stand near Loki watching the trial. When Loki attempts to use his magic and fails, Judge Ravonna Renslayer questions what he is trying to do and B-15 laughs. B-15 tells the judge that Loki is attempting to use magic, and Ravonna explains that magic powers do not work inside the TVA headquarters. When Ravonna sentences Loki to be reset, he resists while B-15 and a Minuteman try to drag him from the room, but Agent Mobius then requests Ravonna to let Loki help them with their current criminal investigation.

While Loki is being interrogated by Mobius inside a Time Theater, Hunter B-15 appears and asks to speak with Mobius outside the room. B-15 tells Mobius that it is a mistake to talk with Loki and that he should be reset. Mobius replies that she thinks everyone should be reset and he is getting good results with Loki. B-15 then reveals that they lost another unit of Minutemen to the rogue Loki Variant who has been killing members of the TVA. After Mobius returned to the Time Theater and saw that Loki escaped by stealing his Time Twister, he along with Hunter B-15 and the Minutemen start to look for him inside the building. Mobius blames B-15 for Loki's escape, saying that she should not have interrupted them. When B-15 orders the Minutemen to search the headquarters and prune Loki on sight, Mobius insists that he should not to be pruned because he can still be useful.

When Hunter B-15 and her unit of Minutemen finally find Loki, she attempts to prune him with her Time Stick and almost hits Casey, but Loki uses the Time Twister to escape and return to the Time Theater. Shortly after, B-15 finds Loki again inside the Time Theater, where the two of them fight. She tries to restrain Loki, but he manages to use the Time Twister to remove his collar and put it on her. He then uses the Time Twister to loop B-15 several times, before sending her elsewhere outside of the room. B-15 is sent to another part of the building and appears before Casey, who is telling two judges about B-15 pruning his cart. Casey tells her that Loki escaped, but B-15 just looks at him annoyed and leaves to go after Loki again.

In the second episode, Hunter B-15 gathers with other members of the TVA while they prepare to leave to investigate the location were the Variant last attacked a Minutemen unit. B-15 informs the others that the unit of Hunter C-20 went missing after going to a branch at Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1985, and that they confirmed by checking the temporal aura that the rogue Loki Variant was there. When B-15 explains that they still don't know which kind of Variant it is, Loki points out that it is the lesser kind one. B-15 then asks Loki to turn around and show the back of his jacket, where the word "Variant" is written in capital letters. B-15 tells him that it is a reminder for everybody not to forget what he is, although Loki tells her that he is actually their only hope to capture the murder.

Hunter B-15 hears as Loki lies to them.

At the field, they find C-20's helmet inside a tent and Hunter B-15 wonders if the Variant took her as a hostage. Mobius replies that the Variant never took hostages before, and a Minuteman suggests that C-20 might have been pruned. B-15 states that a Loki would not be able to beat C-20 and asks the Minutemen to search for her before the timeline branch is past red line. Loki then suggests them to stop searching outside, claiming having figured out that the Variant has set a trap for them. As Loki explains the supposed Variant's plan, B-15 tells Mobius that they are running out of time because the branch is approaching the red line, but Mobius asks her to wait to hear what Loki has to say. B-15 realizes that Loki is just wasting their time and they need to look for C-20, but Loki insists that the Variant has set a trap outside the tent. However, when Loki mentions warning the Time Keepers, Mobius then realizes that he is just lying, so B-15 finally orders the Minutemen to leave the tent and reset the timeline.

After finding out that the Variant is hiding at the apocalypse of Alabama, 2050, at a Roxxcart superstore, they are preparing to leave to the field again and Loki asks Mobius for a weapon. When Mobius decides to give Loki a pair of daggers, Hunter B-15 appears and immediately takes the daggers from Mobius' hands, refusing to give the weapons to Loki and putting them inside a locker. She orders the members of the TVA to gather for a briefing and informs them about the superstore that they are about to visit. She tells them that the superstore has a warehouse which is being used by civilians that are taking shelter from a hurricane in a Class 10 Apocalypse. She explains that they should be alert about the Variant because every time there is an attack, their reset charges are stolen, indicating that the Variant is planning something. B-15 ends saying that they should prune it as soon as they see a Loki, and Loki reminds that the one they should prune is the "bad Loki".

Hunter B-15 and Loki search for the Variant inside the store.

After walking in the storm and arriving at the superstore, Loki uses his magic which startles Hunter B-15. She asks what he is doing, and Loki replies that he is just drying himself with magic. When they decide to split into two teams to search the store, Mobius tells B-15 that Loki will go with him, but B-15 says that Loki should stay with her and Mobius should go with a Hunter identified as "Hunter D-90". Mobius argues that Loki is under his supervision, but B-15 states that this is her field of operation. Mobius says that she should recall what happened in the Time Theater and that Loki is still a threat, so he should stay with him for this reason. However, Loki tells them that they can trust him and decides to go with B-15. Mobius reluctantly accepts it, so Loki goes to search the store accompanied by B-15. Loki and B-15 then find a man who claims to be shopping for plants at the store. As nobody would shop plants in the middle of a storm, this raises their suspicions. B-15 asks Loki if he thinks this person could be his Variant, and Loki replies that he might be. When B-15 approaches the man, he grabs her arm, causing B-15 to be mind-controlled by the Variant's magical enchantment.

The Variant talks to Loki controlling Hunter B-15 with a magical enchantment.

Loki talks to the Variant while she is controlling Hunter B-15's body, until B-15 touches a man who works in the store, transferring the control of the Variant to him and making B-15 fall unconscious on the ground. A confused B-15 wakes up later when Hunter D-90 calls her using his communicator device. She finds Mobius inside the store and he asks about Loki, so she says that she lost him from her sight. Mobius asks her what happened, and B-15 is unable to explain, making Hunter D-90 (who is accompanying Mobius) state that Loki had betrayed them. While B-15, Mobius and D-90 search for Loki, they find the TVA stolen reset charges that the Variant set all over Roxxcart. They become confused upon seeing the devices being sent somewhere through Time Doors, not knowing that the Variant is bombarding the Sacred Timeline with the charges to create several branches. Shortly after, they finally find Loki in front of a Time Door that the Variant opened with her TemPad. The three of them run to get to Loki and prevent him to leave the store, but Loki decides to follow the Variant and crosses the Time Door before the trio is able to reach him.

Hunter B-15 and other members of the TVA witness the unusual nexus event during the apocalypse on Lamentis-1.

In the fourth episode, Hunter B-15 and other members of the TVA search for Loki and the Variant as both have been missing since the incident in the Roxxcart store. As B-15 arrives in the Chronomonitoring Wing of the TVA, Mobius asks if she found anything when she was searching the Roxxcart store again. She replies that the two Variants are gone and states that they are probably traveling across time while planning their next attack. B-15 asks him if there is any news about Hunter C-20, who was found at the superstore after being enchanted by the Variant, but Mobius replies that there isn't. While watching the chronomonitor, Hunter B-15 and the others witness as it suddenly detects a nexus event that results in an unusual straight-up branch from a timeline on Lamentis-1 (later on revealed to have been caused by the two Loki Variants, Loki and Sylvie, falling in love). Mobius asks B-15 if she ever has seen a branch like this one. B-15 is completely perplexed as she watches the branch growing fast and replies that she hasn't. This abnormal nexus event allows them to locate Loki and Sylvie during the apocalypse on Lamentis and capture them both.

After capturing them, the two Loki Variants are separated and taken to different Time Theaters, and Hunter B-15 with other Minutemen guard the entrance of the theater where Sylvie is imprisoned. Mobius later appears and asks about Sylvie, but B-15 tells him that he should be interrogating the other Loki. Mobius complains that they dealt with so many types of Variants in the past, but these two demi-gods are too much trouble and B-15 playfully states that it was his idea to bring another Loki to the TVA. B-15 questions Mobius if Loki had told him anything after he was captured. Mobius then reveals that Loki claims that the TVA is lying to him. Mobius asks her why she is so curious about what Loki said, but B-15 replies that she is just doing her job. However, Hunter B-15 later is seen reflecting while staring at the door of Sylvie's Time Theater, until making a decision. She asks the Minutemen to open the door of the theater and enters, meeting Sylvie inside. B-15 then uses her TemPad to open a Time Door and tells Sylvie to follow her.

Hunter B-15: "When you were in my head, I saw something. What did you do to me?"
Sylvie: "I showed you your life before the TVA."
Hunter  B-15: "That's a trick. It's a deception. I was created by the Time Keepers."
Sylvie: "No. I can't create memories. I can only use what it is already there. The Time Keepers took your lives from you. From all of you. You're Variants. We're the same."
―Hunter B-15 and Sylvie[src]

Hunter B-15 learns from Sylvie that she is a Variant and had a life before the TVA.

Hunter B-15 takes Sylvie back to the apocalypse at the Roxxcart store. Sylvie initially thinks that B-15 intents to fight her, however, B-15 reveals that she saw something when Sylvie controlled her with her magical enchantment. B-15 asks what she did to her, and Sylvie replies that she showed her life before she joined the TVA. B-15 doesn't believe Sylvie, because at the TVA they are told that all the workers of the organization were created by the Time Keepers, thus they would have no lives before the TVA. Sylvie explains to B-15 that she is not able to create memories, only to use what it is already inside a person's mind. She reveals that the Time Keepers had actually abducted the TVA members from their timelines and all of them are Variants. B-15 then asks Sylvie to show the memories of her past life again. While seeing the memories, B-15 starts to cry, saying that she looked happy in them, so she becomes unsure of what to do next. Later, when Ravonna takes Loki and Sylvie to confront the Time Keepers, B-15 appears and uses her TemPad to free the pair of their Time Collars and then returns Sylvie's machete to her. She attempts to fight the guards that are protecting the Time Keepers while helping them, but is knocked out.

Hunter B-15 is imprisoned after helping Sylvie and Loki.

In the fifth episode, Hunter B-15 is seen imprisoned inside a Time Theater when she is visited by Ravonna. B-15 asks her why she was imprisoned, and Ravonna replies that it was for being disloyal to the TVA by freeing the Variant. B-15 says that there is nobody to be disloyal. She reminds Ravonna that when Sylvie and Loki confronted the Time Keepers, they were revealed to be just three mindless androids. Ravonna states that this doesn't change anything, but B-15 says that it does change everything because the people of the TVA should know the truth. Ravonna says that the order should be maintained until they figure out what is happening within the organization, so she questions B-15 about the Variant. Ravonna explains that she knows that B-15 had previously linked with the Variant and asks what motivates her to attack the TVA. B-15 replies that Sylvie is motivated by her desire for revenge against the TVA, and she previously intended to kill the Time-Keepers, but as they turned out to be fake, she will go after whoever is behind the organization. B-15 then realizes that Ravonna is not really acting to protect the TVA but is also motivated by her desire to find out who its creator is. B-15 tells Ravonna that she will never get to the one behind the TVA before Sylvie does. When Ravonna asks her why she thinks that and B-15 replies that while Ravonna only wants, Sylvie needs to find the creator of the TVA.

Mobius: "No turning back now."
Hunter B-15: "Who said anything about turning back?"
Mobius: "For all time."
Hunter B-15: "Always."
Mobius and Hunter B-15[src]

Hunter B-15 and Mobius witness the Sacred Timeline branching off irreversibly.

In the final episode of the season, Hunter B-15 was released from the prison and is seen at the Franklin D. Roosevelt High School at Fremont, Ohio, in 2018. While she is being chased by the Minutemen of the TVA, she goes to the vice principal's office and is followed by Hunter D-90. As D-90 asks B-15 to surrender, the Vice Principal of the high school appears and questions what the two of them are doing inside the school. D-90 is surprised because the Vice Principal is identical to Judge Ravonna Renslayer, but B-15 explains that this woman not really the TVA judge, showing that Ravonna is in reality a Variant. B-15 then tells D-90 that they have a lot to discuss. After Sylvie killed the creator of the TVA, He Who Remains, causing the Sacred Timeline to branch off innumerous times, Hunter B-15 is seen alongside Mobius in the Chronomonitoring Wing of the TVA, watching the chronomonitor detecting a large number of branches that are past red line. As they won't be able to revert these branches, Mobius states that there is no way to turn back now, but B-15 says that nobody is talking about turning back.

Hunter B-15 and Mobius don't recognize Loki, as they are Variants from the new TVA ruled by Kang.

Shortly after, Mobius and and Hunter B-15 are seen in the Archives checking on a TemPad the countless branches that were created. Mobius says that there are at least 63 branches only in their unit and B-15 asks if "he" expects them to let them all branch. As Mobius wonders if there is a way to stop the branches at this point, Loki, who was sent back to the TVA by Sylvie, appears and states that it is impossible to revert the damage. Loki tells them that him and Sylvie made a terrible mistake and freed the Sacred Timeline. Loki explains how he and Sylvie found the creator of the TVA at the Citadel at the End of Time and tries to warn them that the infinite versions of He Who Remains were unleashed in the Multiverse and will start another Multiversal War. However, Mobius and B-15 do not recognize Loki. While Mobius tells Loki to calm down and asks if he is a new analyst of the TVA, B-15 calls her troops to the Archives. Loki then sees that there is a statue of Kang, a Variant of He Who Remains, where once stood the statues of the three supposed founders of the organization, the Time Keepers, indicating that this is actually a new TVA ruled by Kang and these two are in reality new Variants of Mobius and Hunter B-15.

The Good, the Bart, and the Loki

Hunter B-15 appears in a post-credits scene at the end of the short. Similar to what happens in the first episode of the Loki series, B-15 takes Loki to the Time Court of the TVA to be judged by Ravonna Renslayer for his crimes against the Sacred Timeline and stands near him watching the trial.


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