Huntingdon Manor is the home of the Earl of Huntingdon, his daughter, Maid Marian,Hugh Fitzooth, and his son, Robin Fitzooth in The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men. It is located somewhere in Cambridgeshire, England.

In the film

It is in that place where the Earl of Huntingdon prepares to leave with his daughter, Maid Marian for Nottingham where he is to join King Richard on his Crusade while his daughter is left in the care of the King's lady mother, Queen Eleanor. At the manor, Tyb, Marian's nurse can also be seen looking for the Earl's daughter to prepare her for her departure to Nottingham before looking for her at the meadows while Hugh Fitzooth, the Earl's chief verderer and Robin Fitzooth's father, is seen entering the manor with his Deerhounds.

Two years later, it serves as the one place where Marian's father awaits her return and where the Queen vows to marry her to Robin Hood, now known as the Earl of Locksley after King Richard has returned and his greedy younger brother, Prince John and his new Sheriff of Nottingham have been defeated, thanks to Robin Hood and his Merrie Men.

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