"Hurt Bike" is the second segment of the forty-ninth episode of Big City Greens.


After almost getting in a dirt bike accident, Cricket decides to live his life in shelter.


Cricket and Tilly are sitting at home incredibly bored with nothing to do when suddenly Nancy bursts in with a big surprise. She has built them a dirt bike for them to ride. Bill comes out sees the vehicle and nearly flips, but Nancy explains that it is safe as she rode one when she was their age. Cricket takes the bike out first and rides around on it when he nearly hits a brick wall. Cricket experiences his life flashing before jumping off and being rescued by Nancy. The bike is destroyed by a truck and Cricket suddenly feels jittery. Tilly deduces that Cricket has begun to realize how fragile his life is and he begins to panic. Needing help with how to be safe, he turns to Bill to teach him, much to Bill's excitement.

Bill tells Cricket on how to identify problems, but Cricket begins going overboard and sees everything as a danger and decides to stay inside. Nancy fixes the dirt bike, with Tilly calling it Geraldine, and goes inside to discover that Cricket has padded the entire house with bubble wrap as well as himself. Nancy confronts Bill and together talk to Cricket who claims that he knows better than them about how to be safe and refuses to go out anywhere. Just then, Tilly arrives announcing her intent to ride the dirt bike and Nancy decides to leave to ride along with her. Cricket, feeling he must protect Tilly, runs out to stop them and ends up riding the dirt bike.

Cricket and Nancy ride down the road together and Cricket begins to panic and try to escape, but the bubble wrap gets caught on the handle bars. Nancy finally reaches through the Cricket just as they approach an unfinished highway. Cricket finally surmises the courage to escape the bubble wrap and safely pulls over into an alley. As he gets off the bike explodes and he and Nancy agree that they should wait to get him a dirt bike. As they head home, Cricket asks Nancy if she can pop a wheelie and she happily agrees while also welcoming him back to his old self.



  • The premise of the episode is similar to the Spongebob Squarepants episode "I Had an Accident", where SpongeBob breaks his butt while sand-sledding and decides to stay in his house for safety.
  • Gramma Alice is absent in this episode.
  • The promo poster resembles the poster for the anime Akira. Additionally, Cricket performs the famous motorcycle slide from the film within the episode.
  • The Skritch a Scratch in the title card is a parody of the classic toy Etch a Sketch.
  • Cricket "invents" shoes for himself, but calls them hard socks.
  • Moral: Don't live your life in fear, or you'll miss out on everything.


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