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"I'm Moving On" is a song from the series, Teacher's Pet, when Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready II is now disowned by Leonard after he tells him that he might become married to his mom, as Scott wonders where he's going to live, Mary-Lou is heartbroken that Scott left her, Leonard is in tears after realizing what he's done, Dr. Krank ponders on where Scott, Dennis and Adele are still looking for Scott, and Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly are still on their way to Florida.

The song was performed by Debra Jo Rupp as Mary-Lou Helperman, Nathan Lane as Spot Helperman/Scott "Manly Manning", Shaun Fleming as Leonard Helperman, Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Ivan Krank, Jerry Stiller as Pretty Boy, David Ogden Stiers as Mr. Jolly, Paul Reubens as Dennis, and Megan Mullally as Adele.


Mary-Lou Helperman: Mrs. Manly Manning

Mrs. Mary-Lou Manly Manning

Mrs. Mary-Lou Moira Angela Darling Helperman Manly Manning!

Scott "Manly Manning": (Spoken) I'm sorry I have to interrupt this musical moment, Mary-Lou, I guess I'll never see you again.

It's time for me to go

Mary-Lou: Oh me, oh my, oh no

Leonard Helperman: I've never been so low.

Dr. Ivan Krank: Oh, where did my dog-man-

Scott and Dr. Krank: Go!?

Scott: I gotta go

I don't know where, I only know

My former friend is now my foe

He couldn't stand the status quo,

I said I'd stay but he said no,

And now - doggone! This dog is gone

I'm moving on

I gotta go!

Mary-Lou: Like a dream, he was here, and now he's gone

He drank my coffee, ate my candy

Dreaming I could stand

By my Manly Manning man,

I thought everything was fine and dandy

Why did he go?

Scott: I'm gone

Mary-Lou: Don't go

Leonard: Oh, no, what have I done?

Mary-Lou: Oh no

Leonard: I kicked him out

He took the keys to freedom

Leonard and Mary-Lou: Now he's going, now he's going, now he's gone

Dr. Krank: My lovely dog-man

Oh, precious, pretty dog-man

Dear, itty-bitty dog I made a man

Mary-Lou: Where have you gone?

Leonard: He took the keys

Dr. Krank: You have the key to my success.

Scott: I'm no one's pawn!

Leonard: He's gone

Mary-Lou: Was I a yawn?

Scott: I'm moving on!

Dr. Krank: (Spoken) Find him!

Dennis and Adele: Where did you go, dog-man?

Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly: We gotta go where you have gone, Spot

Dennis and Adele: We gotta know, dog-man

Leonard and Mary-Lou: We wanna know where have you gone, Scott

Dennis and Adele: We gotta go there, too

Scott: I'm gone

Mary-Lou: He's gone (Chorus: He's always going, always going)

Scott: I'm moving on (Dennis: Come on, let's run)

Mary-Lou: He's moving on (Pretty Boy: You weigh a ton!)

Scott: And, pardon the pun,

but I am going (Mary-Lou and Chorus: Going, going, going)

without knowing (Mary-Lou and Chorus: Without knowing)

There's a place where I belong. (Leonard and Chorus: Where he's gone)

I'm moving on! (drawn out)

Chorus: Where did you go, dog-man? (x3)

(Leonard and Mr Jolly: Scott! Spot! Scott! Spot! Scott!)

(Mary-Lou: He's gone (drawn out))

All except Scott and Mary-Lou: He's gone

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