"I Just Can't Get Enough" is a song from the Johnny and the Sprites episode "Turbo-Car Johnny". It is performed by John Tartaglia as Johnny, Leslie Carrara as Ginger, Tim Lagasse as Basil and Carmen Osbahr as Lily. It is about Johnny being so obsessed with playing a video game that he doesn't want to go outside and play with the Sprites. The song is eventually reprised at the end with Johnny deciding that he has, in fact, had enough of the video game and would rather go outside to play.


This is the coolest game I've ever played
This is the coolest game that was ever made
Racing down the track with lightning speed
Yes! A thousand more points!
My turbo car can really fly--
Shift it into superdrive and I
Pass the other cars and take the lead!

I just can't get enough
I wanna keep on playing more and more
I just can't get enough
And I won't stop until I get the highest score!

Johnny, come on, let's go outside and play

Johnny, come on, you've been inside all day

We're gonna play some fuzzy tag

Basil, Ginger and Lily:
Come on, Johnny, it's gonna be great!

I'll be right out
I promise that I will
But I can't quit this game until
I get 200,000 points in the bag

Basil, Ginger and Lily:

I just can't get enough
I'll beat the highest level really soon
I just can't get enough
Why don't you come and play some other afternoon?

Basil, Ginger and Lily:
But, Johnny...

I just can't get enough
I wanna keep on playing more and more
I just can't get enough
And I won't stop until I get the highest score

I've been inside for way too long
I realize now that I was wrong
Who needs Ultimate Turbo Car Racer?
When you've got friends

I think I've had enough
Let's play some fuzzy tag and clover ball
I think I've had enough
I want to join in with you all

Johnny, Basil, Ginger and Lily:
I just can't get enough
When you're outside, the laughter never ends
I just can't get enough

Why play alone when you can play with all your friends?

Johnny, Basil, Ginger and Lily:

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