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"I Love You Mom" is a song written by Candace in the Season 1 episode, "Mom's Birthday". She wrote it early in the morning when Phineas and Ferb came to invite her to participate in their plans for their mom's birthday. The boys recorded the song without Candace knowing and played it back with Candace and the Fireside Girls for the big video presentation later that day.


Candace: Mom, it's your birthday,
Thanks for all the care and love you give,
Phineas (speaking): Nice song, sis.
Candace: Not to mention the meals,
At times I get kinda nervous,
Phineas (speaking): Come on!
And forget to tell you how I feel,
Phineas and Ferb: (Shoo-bee-doo, shoo-bee-doo)
Candace: I'm a little high strung,
It's just because I'm young,
Mom I adore ya,
And I'll do anything for ya!
All: Although my brothers make me frantic,
With every single crazy antic,
(Ooh, ooh, aah...)
And when I'm bouncing off the walls,
You're the one who stays calm,
(You're the one who stays calm),
Candace: Because you love me for who I am,
I'll always love you, Mom.

Background Information[]

  • This song is in the soundtrack.
  • Error: Isabella sings in the song but at the end when everyone claps she is seen beside her mom.
  • This song was originally called "Mom It's You Birthday".[1]
  • This song was voted 7th in "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown".
  • Ashley Tisdale's voice was double-tracked so that it would sound like Candace was singing with her video image. In the album version, it cannot be heard.


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