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"I Only Have Ice for You" is the first episode of the Disney Afternoon animated series, TaleSpin. It first premiered on May 5, 1990 on the Disney Channel before making its syndication premiere on September 14, 1990, making it the ninth episode.


While on the way home, Baloo, Kit and Rebecca are brought down by the Air Pirates because they assume they have rubies on board. Rebecca tries to get Baloo and Kit to confess, but they just act like they know nothing and are just hauling strawberry jam. Shortly after the Pirates let them go, Baloo, Kit and Rebecca make a run for Cape Suzette and Baloo literally tells Don Karnage they have the rubies making him give chase. When Baloo thinks they're home free, Cape Suzette air control tells them they have to land because of a blimp passing through the cliffs. Ignoring orders, he flies the Sea Duck through the cliffs, passes the blimp and makes it into the harbor.

In trouble with the air control, Baloo's license is temporarily suspended, even though Higher for Hire has a big job to deliver a whole iceberg to a desert prince. With Baloo grounded, Rebecca becomes the new pilot of the Sea Duck, and rather than have Baloo try to help her, she follows a book on how to fly airplanes. After an unpleasant flight, they arrive in the Arctic where they anchor propellers on a single iceberg to help get it airborne, and it is towed by the Sea Duck.

By the time they arrive at the desert, they are captured by the Pirates who believe that they are hiding diamonds in the iceberg. While the Pirates dig through the ice, Baloo, Kit and Rebecca are sent to the brig. Rebecca tries to get ideas from her book but it's clear that she wants help from Baloo. Baloo gladly volunteers to help as long as she promises to listen. After escaping the brig, they make their way back to the Sea Duck, in Pirate disguises. They find the whole iceberg chumped up into snow. They escape through the bomb bay doors with the chumped up ice and successfully deliver it to the desert Prince.

Unfortunately, Baloo and Rebecca start bickering again when he says he'll get to fly on the way home, despite the fact that his license is suspended. Kit gets involved as well, asking why he can't fly.



  • This episode is one of two that were written by The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck author and artist Don Rosa, the other one being "It Came From Beneath the Sea Duck".
  • The name of this episode is not to be confused with the 1937 Merrie Melodies cartoon "I Only Have Ice for You".
  • Several shots in this episode were used for the opening theme:
    • The Sea Duck being pursued by pirates, both in front of the Sea Duck and behind
    • The Sea Duck flying on its side through the cliffs
    • Kit, Baloo and Becky from the window of the Sea Duck
    • Kit and Baloo screaming
    • Bullet holes being shot into the Sea Duck
    • Mad Dog shooting at the Sea Duck
    • Mad Dog being surprised at what he sees
    • Baloo being flung by a rope
    • Baloo smashing into a wall of ice
    • The Sea Duck spiraling out of control
    • Baloo giving Becky the thumbs up
    • Baloo placing his cap on Becky's head


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